Monday, March 28, 2011

Daily Materials Organization

Mrs. Patton is hosting a Linky Party for classroom organization and I couldn't resist. This is the first linky party I have participated in, so be patient! Go check out Mrs. Patton's blog because it is amazing!

My classroom organization is a work in progress. This is my first year in second grade and my third year of teaching, so I am learning as I go. This is what I have so far...

I try my best to make copies for an entire week at a time. (Doesn't always happen.) I store all these in files I made.

I have files where I keep extra things and important papers that I refer to often. I put our R-time activities and spelling activities here. This is also where I keep important papers that are put in my box by various people at my school.

On the top shelf of my computer I keep other reference books and things like Scholastic News.

So here is a picture of that whole area.

I also have file storage and materials on my desk. I am trying my best to keep it clutter free, but we all know what a battle that is every day. 

TA DA! That is my "organization." I am sure it will continue to evolve weekly if not daily...


Kristy said...

I love seeing how others organize all the things we need on a daily basis! One of the best things I ever purchased was the Staples Desk Apprentice.
Teachers Editions even fit in the middle! I have laminated file folders labeled with the days of the week for three weeks, and I drop different worksheets or materials we'll need on those days as soon as I've planned for it. Outside pockets I use to collect notes going home on our weekly folder day (important notes from the office go home in our "Wednesday folders", and homework packets in another pocket when they're ready to go home (mine go home every Friday and are due the following Friday).

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