Monday, March 28, 2011

Literacy Centers Organization

Literacy stations are an every changing thing in my classroom. At the beginning of the year I didn't have my students doing stations. This semester I began to explore station choices with my students. They are loving it! They get to choose the station they visit and that might be their favorite part. I like giving them choices whenever I can because it seems like they do not get many during the day.

The students get to go to our classroom library once a week and choose 5 books for their book boxes. They read every day for about 20-25 minutes before they go to stations.

Here is a list of my literacy stations:

1. Promethean Board - 2 students (spelling and math practice and I am also going to be adding a reading for details game I bought from Lakeshore Learning.)
2. eReaders - 2 students
3. Computers/Laptops - 4 students (they can do Comic Life, Study Island, or Starfall)
4. Working with Words - 2 students (mostly fluency practice)
5. Journals - 2 students (writing and drawing)
6. Pocket Chart - 2 students (dry erase boards for practicing spelling and high frequency words as well as a pocket chart with 2nd grade vocabulary)
7. Gameboards - 2 students (simple word games that my district has available to us)
8. Big Books - 2 students (I have so many big books from previous adoptions that I wanted the kids to make good use of them)

I made a flipchart on my Promethean Board for them to choose a station every morning. They drag their picture to the station they want to go to that day. It is first come first serve, but they can only choose each station once a week.

The only materials that need individual storage are Working with Words and Gameboards. I keep them in folders in a great organizer by the door.

The white basket holds our lunch packets. The kids bring something to work on after they are finished eating.

You can also see my student's mailboxes. I try to grade and send papers home as much as possible. :)

Then there is my guided reading table and materials...

This is where I keep the books that go home in their book bags and materials like pencils, dry erase markers, pens, etc.

This is my newest addition to my guided reading materials. This sits on my guided reading table. Each of my groups has a file folder where I keep the book we are reading and other papers we might be working on. I love having this literally at my elbow.

This is the binder where I have all my guided reading logs. I write down what we do in each group every day. I also note the students strong and weak areas for future reference. This front cover is a tracking page of their reading and fluency levels through the year.

All in all, not a bad system. (For me at least...) I can't wait to look and see how other people organize their literacy materials!


Anonymous said...

Wonderful! Such a rewarding job shaping those little lives! God bless.

Ms. Khaksari's 2nd grade said...

I love your flip chart! What a great idea!

A Teacher's Treasure said...

What a fun flip chart!!! Thanks for sharing!

❤ Mor Zrihen from...
A Teacher's Treasure
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Tara said...

Just found your cute site through Pinterest! I am a new fan!!!


Anonymous said...

Your centers board is so tech-savvy. What program did you use to get it to drag and drop student pics?

Becca Morris said...

It is ActivInspire which is the program that comes with my Promethean board.

MissSingleton said...

Can you share your flipbaord?

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