Monday, April 11, 2011

7 Favorite Things Linky Party

I am linking up with Persnickety Pickles to talk about my 7 favorite things that are non-school/work related. I am so glad I found this. I focus on school way too much, just ask my husband. ( I love you Kevin! )

I love reading. I love bookstores. I own many books and would like to have many more. My greatest dream would be to have a library like the one the Beast shows Bell in Beauty and the Beast.  :)

I have become a huge fan of Apple products in the last year. My husband and I bought an iMac for our home computer and it is amazing! I use Macs at work and they are great. I want an iPad more than anything...

Organization is a wonderful thing. I love my label maker, but I haven't used it much at my house. I love the feeling of reorganizing a space. I am forgetful, so I like everything to have a spot. 

P.S. The Container Store is where I want to live.

It kinda makes me feel like an old lady to share this, but I really like to cross-stitch. It is very relaxing. I enjoy seeing the pattern emerge as I add each color to the pattern. I do the counted cross stitch, so I start with a blank canvas and follow the pattern to make a beautiful picture.

We have an amazing church family and I really like being at church. My husband is our youth minister, so I will be going to summer camp this year! I am super excited because I loved camp when I was in the youth group and I want to be a part of that from the counselor prospective.

I love getting together with friends and family. Going to dinner, the movies, shopping, or just sitting together talking. I have known most of my good friends since high school or even before that (shout out to Stacy - we have been friends since Kindergarten!). It has been really weird to notice how our conversations have changed over the past few years. We are adults now...
Here is a silly one...
I love having my back and/or head rubbed. I wish I could get a massage every day. I ask for one just about every birthday, anniversary, and Christmas.

Anyway, those are my 7 favorite things!


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