Friday, April 1, 2011

Language Arts Block Organization

This part of my day has changed several times this year. Since I didn't really know what to expect at the beginning of the year, I didn't have them going to centers or stations. I thought they would be too old for this. (I was coming from Pre-k.) Well, that is NOT true. We all LOVE centers! I love this part of my day because it gives the kids a chance to get out of their seats, move around, talk to a partner, and work in a less restrictive atmosphere.

Here is how my morning routine works. I pick up the kids in the gym at 7:45 and the tardy bell rings at 7:55. Usually I have a few students come in late. Up until 2 weeks ago, they would put away their things and write in their morning work journal. I recently decided to have them at centers when they arrive in the morning. So far it is working good. The kids can't wait to see what their center will be. Here is a picture of the choices. I choose these for them.

The big notecards are morning work centers
and the little ones are their jobs.

Then we all come together for a morning routine on a flipchart. I release them to get their book boxes and go to their reading spots. They read independently for 15-25 minutes. Also during this time a group will go to our classroom library to choose new books for their book boxes.


I pull 3-4 groups a day. A Title 1 teacher comes in to work with a group of low kids daily during this time. After their reading time, I release them to go to their literacy center. They get to choose these centers every morning. The most popular are Promethean Board, computers, eReaders, and Spelling. 

I keep these behind my u-shaped table.
These are some of my centers. Spelling is a big
favorite because of the shaving cream and play-doh.  :)

These are my 2 favorite things. I keep my guided reading
materials and books in the file organizer. I keep my
guided reading logs and running records in the binder.

This is what I am going to start using in the 6th Six Weeks. I have something similar I am using now, but it was made by someone else. I wanted to personalize it for my needs. If you can use it, please do!

Thanks Mrs. Patton!


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