Saturday, April 2, 2011

Miscellaneous Organization

This is the last day of Organization Week from Mrs. Patton. I have loved it! There is not much I have to share on this one. I have a file folder bucket that holds all the students cumulative folders. I also put writing samples and other things in that file folder.

I want to find a better way to organize report cards and other things like that I keep until the end of the year. I am thinking about just adding another file to my sorter for notes from home. We will see.

I do assign every student a number and that helps with a lot of organization. That is how they know which mailbox is theirs, where to hang their backpacks, and what station they go to in the morning.

I really need to learn how to minimize everything in my room. That is going to be my project for the next few weeks. I was proud of myself for going through the cabinet behind my desk and all the papers I had been piling up this six weeks. I can't decide if I just want to keep a digital copy of all materials or have a paper copy as well. Let me know if you do the digital copies and how that works for you.

I will hopefully post again in a few weeks about how I decided to change some things around.  :)

I love having a clean desk.



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