Sunday, April 24, 2011

Morning Flipchart

I have a Promethean board in my room that I LOVE! I am so blessed to have it and I use it every day for many things. Here is our morning routine:

7:45 Pick up kids from the gym.
7:55 Tardy bell rings
        Kids come in put up their things and go to their morning work station. For most of the year they were writing in their journals in the mornings, but we all needed a change.
8:00-8:15 Announcements, attendance, generally getting ready to start the day.

Then we all come together for out morning flipchart. I wanted to share this because I have been working on this all year. First, it was a PowerPoint presentation because I was more familiar with those. Then I began to use flipcharts. I wanted this time to be interactive and a good review of concepts we need to keep fresh. Since I can't upload a real flipchart to Blogger, I have taken screen shots to show you the pages.

This is the first page of our routine. I made it more of a template so I didn't have to change all the numbers every day. This way I can write what we need. I will usually draw a time, 2 addition problems, and drag money for them to count. Then I write subtraction problems. My students do it individually on dry erase boards or notebook paper. Then I call up students to work the problems so we can talk about each one. I just added the words that tell us to add and subtract. I thought this would be a good place to review those. I have dual pens, so 2 people can be writing on the board at once. They love that!

Next we go over our word wall words. I have 3 weeks worth of words under the smiley face. We drag them out and talk about each one. I chose to do 3 weeks worth so that we review them longer. It changes as we add new words, but they get to see each word for 3 weeks. I think it helps them to remember them.

This page uses the "magic frame". I change the phrases every week. You move the frame around the screen to reveal the 4 phrases for the week. I like these little tools that help you focus the students attention.

This is my newest way to go over spelling words. We do this every morning to talk about the patterns and tricky things in our words. I took screen shots of the upper left hand corner and lower right hand corner. Then I added the words and hid them behind the new pictures. That way it looks like a beautiful picture, but I can "magically" pull the spelling words out. :)  I have been doing this in different ways for a while, this is just the newest.

Anyway, that is our morning flipchart. Let me know what you think.


Anonymous said...

LOVE it!!! I am going to have to get you to show me how to make some of this stuff. You seem to be able to do that so well! I take classes, but then I forget what to so I never use the skills and then I really forget what to do! ~nicole

Lanette said...

Another great idea. I've been stalking your blog this morning. Again if this is something you'd be willing to share, I'd love it.

Anonymous said...

Would love this one too! Thank you!!

Unknown said...

What program did you create this on ? I can't find flipchart anywhere??

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