Monday, April 11, 2011

What a week.

So last week was crazy. I had no energy for blogging, even though I made an iMovie. (Which I am so excited about!) Grades were due, we had a Math Milestone (to give, grade, bubble, submit, and go over with the kids), getting ready for TPRI (materials and just stressing about it), preparing my PDAS binder to turn in this week, and behavior issues that just drain me.

Well, we have started a new week and a new six weeks. Even though it is the last and longest six weeks, I am looking forward to it. My class has come a long way this year and I am very proud of them. I have learned SO MUCH!

I am also so happy to have found this wonderful world of blogging. There are so many creative teachers out there and I am so glad I get to peek into their rooms. I want to be like that someday! I am working up to it.  :o)

Anyway, nothing much to share right now, just wanted to check in. I will have a fun post by the end of the week!

Something fun I was just thinking about...

This is my first year to teach 2nd grade. For the past two years I was teaching Pre-K, which I loved. I just wanted to share some photos to compare the two classrooms.  :o)

Small group 2nd grade
Small group Pre-k

Group meeting area
Promethean Board
2nd grade
Group meeting area
Smart Board
Stations in 2nd grade

Block center in pre-k
Housekeeping center in Pre-k
Last but not least, my desk area...
2nd grade



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