Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Back to School Shopping List

Since I will be getting some grant money on our first staff development day, I don't want to buy too much right now. Which is difficult. Only teachers really understand this. Every time we go to any store, but especially Wal-Mart and Target, we have our eyes open for useful things for our classrooms. Both a good and bad thing.
 I have a secret obsession with crayons. They are wonderful.
You can never have too many!
 We ran out of notebook paper last year, so I will be stocking up at back to school sales this year.

Folders are always needed. Student lose theirs or they get torn up. I also saw an amazing post to turn folders in "holders" for things like flashcards. Check it out here! 

I am constantly adding to my classroom library, so I will be hitting garage sales and Half Price Books pretty soon!
 I label student's desk with name plates. (Like most teachers.)

This is the most inexpensive iPod dock I can find. It is a JBL on stage Micro ii and I found it on Amazon for less than $50. I am in the process of getting an iPod Touch to integrate music into my room. I am very excited about this!
Give one of these to my students and they go to town. I ask them to clean to tops of their desks every now and then to help get rid of germs. They love it. They clean inside, under, the legs their chairs, and some of the kids even did the floor around their desk! It made me laugh. They are also good for all those little spills or gross moments in the room. I am in a portable so I don't have easy access to a restroom for water or paper towels. These come in handy!

I have the kids wash their hands with soap every time we go to the restroom, but I like to keep this in the room for after blowing your nose, sneezing, messy glue projects, and to use before lunch.

I prefer to use the fine tip markers with the kids. I like to put papers we are working on in small group in a page protector and let the kids fill it in that way. I use less copies and they are a little more engaged because they are using markers. The fine tips are better for that kind of work.

My team is really going to be focusing on Interactive Journaling this year. I am going to buy a class set of these for our Science Journals. The workshop presenters say these are the best. I am going to give them a try and then I can see if we should add them to our school supply list for next year.

This is what we asked for on the supply list. We will be decorating the fronts and using them every day. We will have a morning work journal, homework journal, Promethean journal (still working on that name), math journal and a science journal. I am really working on limiting my copies this year.

What have I forgotten? I know I will buy hundreds of pencils. Is there anything that I left off that you would die without? Let me know!! I love to see comments!


Kelli Beason said...

I know! I went to Office Depot and they were already putting out school supplies. If you have a Staples in your area they offer great deals also.

I am hosting my first giveaway. Check it out. prayteachlove.blogspot.com

Tara said...

Looks pretty complete although I would add pink erasers:) My kids always bring them in but must eat them in the first few weeks (teehee). I have no idea where they go!! Also, I use lots of page protectors for different things. You might want to add those:)

4th Grade Frolics

Tara said...

If I posted the same thing twice...sorry. I thought it kicked me out:(


Mrs. Morris said...

Thanks! I have lots of page protectors. They were my favorite thing last year. :) I will think about the erasers! My kids eat them too!

Jill said...

Oh man, if I knew I was getting grant money, it would be so hard to not buy things!!!!

I've also given Lysol wipes to kids, and you are so right about them going crazy. Kids were bringing wipes up to me that were almost black! I was like, "Where are you even finding all this dirt????" Haha!

Magnificent Multiagers!

Abby said...

Glue sticks. We use them a lot more often than bottle glue - less mess, easier to paste things into our Reader's And Writer's Notebooks.

The docking station is a GREAT idea. I think I'm going to have to find one myself... I did see a couple of different ones a little cheaper at Big Lots! Have fun!!

Third Grade Bookworm

Jaime said...

Thanks for the link back on your folder blurb! Glad you like my Holder Folders! : )


Kristen said...

Love how you have it all planned out!! Thanks so much for linking up! :)

Jennifer B. said...

I don't have a blog (yet?) so I can't link up...I just started using the page protectors last year...love them! You could also use your desk surface as a huge white board for the students...with the bound comp books, remind the students/parents not to tear the pages out...it makes the books fall apart! Have a great year...thanks for sharing!

Mrs. Morris said...

How can I use the desk surface as a white board?

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