Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Classroom Jobs

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I am a big believer in classroom jobs. I like my students to help me keep the class running smoothly. I expect my kids to be independent and jobs help them to feel more confident.

I have many jobs to choose from and I do let my kids choose. We change jobs every 2 weeks. I will lay them all out on a table and call the kids over a few at a time to choose a new job. Usually, I will look at our clip chart, start at the top, and work my way down. This year I am going to keep a record of who the last 5 kids to be called are each time. That way I can make sure they are near the top the next time.

I also let up to 2 students take the week off. Sometimes, especially at the end of the year, they have done all the jobs and are not the interested. I understand that and I would rather a student who is more interested in that job take it.

This is what my job chart looks like:

I number my students, so the board is in number order.

Then you see our morning center cards which we do the 5th and 6th six weeks.

Last you see the job cards.

I printed all these on index cards.

The number and center cards are printed on large index cards.

I wanted the job cards to be smaller, so I printed two per card and cut them apart.


Colleen said...

These are totally awesome!! Except your line leader and ender information are switched on the cards. :-)

I was thinking about making less jobs this year, but maybe more is better. This keeps everyone busy!!

Mrs. Morris said...

AHHHH! Thanks for letting me know!

Mel D said...

I LOVE ALL YOUR IDEAS! Thanks so much for joining my first linky party. Can you possibly add my button or provide a link to my blog so your followers will know where to go if they want to join the party. Thanks so much!
Peace, Mel D
Oh the Places We’ll Go

Anonymous said...

totally adorable! ~nicole

Mrs. Morris said...

Fixed it! Sorry, I just linked with an old post.

Debra said...

I love your ideas and want to thank you for sharing. Unfortunatly you do your downloads through Scrib, and we must pay $9.00/month for the priviledge. I don't mind paying, and would happily pay you for your work through TPT or a site like that. Are your things available through any other source?

Becca Morris said...

Debra: I am so sorry! When I was using Scribd last year (when this was posted) it was free to download. Thanks for telling me! I have changed the post so that it is in Google Docs. If you still can't download it, email me and I will send you a copy.
rmorris at mesquiteisd dot com

Nancy said...

Your job cards are great but I have others I would like to create to look just like yours. Is it possible for you to send a version other than pdf so that I could edit adding my own pictures and captions.

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