Thursday, June 30, 2011

Guided Reading

Do you do guided reading in your classroom? I really love my guided reading time every day. This year I am looking for ways to expand and improve.

I am going to have three or four groups. I enjoy this small group time so much with my students.  If I could I would have five or six groups, but there just isn't enough time for that.

How do you structure this group time? What do your kids do when they get to your table? Do you use different books every day? These are the questions I need to answer for this coming year.

Each group gets about twenty minutes. I want my students to come to my table and start reading immediately. So I need to have small books ready for each group that correspond with their levels. Then we will work on strategies. Last year I don't think I used enough books. I focused on one book for too long. This year I want to really watch that.

My principal requires that we keep Guided Reading Logs to document what we work on with each student. Here is the form I made. It really works for me.
Guided Reading Log

This year I am going to really focus on higher level questioning. So I have made some things to help me with that. I thought I would share them.

Blooms Stems

I am going to keep this in view during guided reading so I can refer to it. Hopefully I will get to the point where I just ask questions from the stems automatically.

I have made these tic tac toe boards and I am not sure how I am going to use them. My thoughts right now center around them seeing how many points they can get. I will require they do at least 3 activities but encourage them to do more to get more points. Still now sure where they will fit in. Any ideas?
Blooms Tictactow

The last thing I want to share is a poster I made for our new DRA levels. I am thinking about relabeling my library and that is going to be a major job. We will see. I can't get into my room until August, so I am not sure if I want to take on that job yet. We are moving from Rigby levels to DRA and it is going to be a big change.

DRA Reading Levels Poster


Tara said...

Wow Becca!!! I LOVE all your forms! They are great!! I do guided reading too and love it. We have "workbooks" that have mini lessons the different strategies and then a reading comp. piece targeting that strategy. I usually use this book 2-3 times a week with all my levels and mix in other books on the other days depending on reading levels. I posted about multiple choice sticks that I use during guided reading to change things up a bit for the kids. Come check it out:)

4th Grade Frolics

Mrs. Morris said...

Thank you! I like your choice sticks! It is always good to see what others are doing.

Sarah said...

Love your blog! I really like your guided reading level page with the colors. I teach first and wanted to modify it to start at 2 with 16 being the goal. Can you send me a version that can be modified possibly?? :)

Fantastic First Grade

Mrs. Lamb said...

We are moving to Fountas and Pinnell levels-we began using mCLass (love it) to assess reading. We are ALSO doing Renaissance online this year. That means I get to relabel my entire library with 2 levels! ahh! I heart your reading levels poster! I am off to make one now!

Mel D said...

I just discovered your page thanks to the freebie linky party & now I am a new follower. I love the DRA sign but our first grade goal is 18. Come by & check out the freebies I listed & follow me too!
Peace, Mel D
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Lauren Morse said...

Thanks for linking up. You have created some great reading resources. I'm a new follower!
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