Sunday, June 26, 2011

Homework plan for this year

The paper situation at school this next year is going to be interesting. Our building went through way too much paper last year, so we are going to be closely watched this year. I don't know what the expectations are going to be yet, but I have been thinking about ways to limit my copies.

Last year homework took so much time and copies. I felt like we were wasting so much paper! So this year I am going to do a homework journal. I have put together activities for the first semester. I am such a planner, so this might be a little bit of overkill since I don't know if it will work.  :/

Basically this is my plan right now:
Mondays - writing
Tuesdays - math
Wednesday - spelling (We will glue a spelling tic tac toe board in the front cover every six weeks.)
Thursday - math

I am going to have the kids decorate their journals. I am hoping this will encourage them to keep up with them. We will see...

Anyway, I have high hopes for this. Here is what I have so far if anyone is interested.  :)

Homework Journal


Mrs. Shepherd said...


Mrs. Shepherd said...

Ok crazy thing I've been trying to leave you comments but I don't think its worked until today. Anyway that is a great idea! My school recenty took away our printers and I know they are going to get onto us about our homework too. I have two questions for you are the students going to write everything down or are you giving them sheets to glue into their journals. Lastly what spelling template do you use? Once again this is a great idea!

Mrs. Morris said...

You are leaving comments, I just have them sent to me for moderation first. ;) My plan right now is to have the kids put their homework journals on their desks in the morning open to the page they did the night before. That way I can go around and check it off on their card. (Previous post for homework logs.) Then we will copy down the homework. I want to get rid of homework copies.

I am going to use a few spelling tic tac toe pages that I found online. You can find them with a Google search. I might end up tweaking them a little, but right now they work.

Thanks for commenting. I love seeing comments!

Mrs. Lamb said...

I was thinking about the same thing. Our copies are very limited, and have been the past few years. Have you checked out Ms. Winston? She does weekly HW choice boards. They incorporate all subjects.

Donut Diva said...

We also have limited copies and mid year I changed to a monthly homework board. Kids got to pick 4 activities a week some of them were easy like jumping jacks that I threw in which they loved and their parents just initialed. Others were writing or spelling. It was less work for me since I only looked at homework once a month and way less copies. I got the idea and template from someone online of course. My files are on my school computer.

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