Monday, June 27, 2011

Literacy Stations

Last year was my first year in 2nd grade, my building, and my school district. I had taught for two years previously, but this was a huge change! My literacy block went through several changes throughout the year and I was really happy with the stations we had at the end of the year.


I am changing things up.  :)

I am keeping most of the same stations. I am going to try rotations. Dum dum dum! This kind of scares me. I think that once we get a routine established it will be great. My plan is to have 3 groups. One at my guided reading table, one at stations, and one doing individual reading.

We will see how it evolves over the year. Here is what our choice board will look like. Kids are assigned a number at the beginning of the year for organizational purposes. They will drag their number (I have a Promethean board) to the box under their group's number in the station they want to go to. I love that they will have plenty of choices. I let them choose at the beginning of the day. The kids who are on task get to choose first, so it also helps in that respect.

I know it looks really busy, but when you break it down into the 3 groups, it isn't too bad. :/ I am being optimistic at this point that I won't have more than 22 kids, but I can always add more numbers if I need to. I love that my stations are all technology based except for 3. The kids are so much more engaged when they are using technology!

Let me know what you think!


Adrienne said...

It looks great. I plan on choosing the workstations for my students next year because: 1. My grade level is switching for literacy, which means only 90 min. for reading, writing, & transitions, so I think that letting them choose might take too long. 2. I know I would have some students who did the same couple stations over and over. However, I would like to let my students have the choice. How do you plan on making sure that the students get a chance at every station?

Mrs. Ibarra said...

This looks great. It should work out especially because only one group will be choosing from the stations. I used to do something similar years ago and they always ran pretty smoothly and the kids really liked that they had a "choice." Good luck!

Mrs. Morris said...

Adrienne: I am not going to worry too much about them going to every station. I think I might duplicate the page 5 times, one for every day of the week and save them. That way I can enforce my rule of only going to a station once a week. I will just be able to go back a page to see who was where the day before. It would help me keep a record of their activities. Thanks for helping me think of that!

Mrs. Ibarra: Thanks for the encouragement! I have high hopes.

Ramona said...

Looks good! I use D5 so I would create a template for the 5 primary literacy activities they will be practicing. I like the idea of using numbers. I can create a check off list to track what activities were completed and by whom. Good luck!

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