Friday, June 24, 2011

My Wish List Linky Party

I L.O.V.E. linky parties! They are awesome.

Ms. Roper at Really Roper is hosting a party about our wish list for our classrooms. It makes me thing of the Sound of Music: "bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens, brown paper packages tied up with strings, these are a few of my favorite things!"

I am very blessed to have access to a great many resources already, but these are things I would love to have in my classroom.
I would love to have these durable book boxes for the kids
independent reading books.
I love using white boards because it means less paper
and the kids get really excited to use them! I love this!

My kids and I really like the Magic Tree House series. I would love to have
the entire series and several class sets!

Carpet squares or small rugs for the kids to get out during reading time.
I have them scattered around the room and it would be more
comfortable for them on the floor.

I would love to have a few digital cameras to work with in my room.
I think we could do some fun stuff!

We have a class set of these, so I am lucky to have access to at least a few.
I would LOVE to have some in my room for us to use. There are so many
ways to use these that are productive and engaging!

This is my biggest wish. The textbook companies are coming out with apps that are AMAZING!
I have seen a fewand I was blown away. Beautifully made and great teaching tools. 


Anonymous said...

I absolutely love using the Magic Tree House books too, they can not be beat for holding the kids attention and passing on factual information. Also, the digital cameras would be so awesome! I'm convinced we could find some great deals around the holidays, I'll have to pay more attention this year. Great list!

Busy Bee said...

Where do they sell the dry erase board "caddy"?


Mrs. G said...

Yes, I am wondering about the dry erase caddy as well!

Mrs. Morris said...

The dry erase caddy is from Really Good Stuff. It says it holds 24 boards. It costs $30 and that is why it is on my wish list and not my shopping list. :)

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