Thursday, June 23, 2011


This year I really want to amp up my writing program. At the end of last year I started using a new process that another teacher taught my grade level.



It really made a difference in their thinking process. I plan on using this again.

Last year I had the kids write from a prompt in their journals every morning. After they put up their backpacks and folders they would get out their journals and write. It was a great way to quietly and calmly begin the day. The last 2 six weeks I had the kids doing centers in the morning and they loved that. So this year I want to make the writing more fun until we do centers in the spring.

I used Google Image search and found pictures for them to write about. I want it to be an inspiration and a way to encourage them to make connections and write. I am hoping this will let them be more creative than the prompts. I want the pictures to be a jumping off point.

Here is a copy of the pictures I will be using. By the way, I really love Scribd!

Photo Prompts


Mrs. Lamb said...

Becca-I use Bing for daily picture prompts. They LOVE it! I had kids that would get up early and check what the day's picture was before coming to school. They can be used in so many ways and you don't have to search for a thing. I just made it my homepage!

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