Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Book Whisperer Chapter 5

I want to start with the Self-Reflection Activity found on page 111.

What were your reading experiences as a child?
     My parents read to me from infancy. We read every night before bedtime. I have a great memory of laying in my parent's bed with my mom, dad, and little sister as I read a book aloud. I devoured books. I still do!
Were those positive or negative experiences for you?
Do you see yourself as a reader now?
     YES! I read all the time. My favorite store (other than Target, Dollar Tree, and Walmart =) is Half Price Books. I can get a whole stack for under $20!
How do you share your reading experiences-- both current and those from the past-- with your students?
     I am sad to say that I didn't tell them many stories about myself as a reader. I know I shared with them that I love to read and they could see that in read alouds, but I can do better. I will do better this year. I don't want to get stuck just teaching reading, I want to enjoy books with my students. I want that to be what they take to the next grade and beyond.
With which group of readers in your classroom to you most identify-- underground, developing, or dormant?
     I was an underground reader all through school, even college. I read what was assigned and sometimes enjoyed it, but I was always wanting to get back to my book. During high school, I always had a book ready for those quiet times or when I was in a class without friends. In college I read on the bus, waiting for class, at work, at home, and any other time I could grab.
Who have been your role models for reading?
     My mom because she loves to read. Both of my parents wanted us to be good at and enjoy reading. They bought us books and took us to the library. It was just always there.
List the last five books you have read.
     Only the last five? This summer I have read The Hunger Games trilogy twice, The Mortal Instruments series, The Book Whisperer, 7 Nora Roberts books, and all the blog posts I could find.
How long did it take for you to read these books?
     It really depends. I read The Hunger Games in a weekend because I just couldn't put them down. I read The Mortal Instruments series over two weeks. It usually takes me about 2-3 days to read through a Nora Roberts book. I am going slowly with The Book Whisperer. I am rereading and keeping with our pace.
Which books were read for a job or for school-related purpose?
     The Book Whisperer
Which books were read for pleasure?
     Really all of them because they were all my choice!

This chapter has really inspired me to think more about myself as a reader and how I can show that to my 2nd graders. I want them to be excited about reading. We don't have to read, we get to read! I think that might be my motto this year. I am going to show them my enthusiasm and I am going to concentrate on discussing books with my students. When we go to the library I am going to check out books, too. I want to walk around and see what they are choosing. When I buy new books (because I never buy only one) I want to share my excitement!

I am changing the layout of my room a little bit this year. I get to start working in my room tomorrow, so hopefully I will have some pictures soon. I am going to group the kids and they will have their book boxes at their desks for easy access. I think it will really make a difference. We will see!

Sorry I didn't create anything for this chapter. It was just a great read.

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