Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Clip Chart Update

So I have been thinking of a new and improved way to use my clip chart.

I was reading a fellow teacher's blog and she had a wonderful idea! Once Upon a Teaching Blog decided they were going to have the students color in a clip chart to take home for their families to reference at night. I thought that was a wonderful idea and had to make my own!
Mini Clip Charts to Color

I am going to have the kids color this on the first day when we are talking about our clip chart. Then we will tape it inside their take home folders. That way their parents can have a reference. 

Last year I would put smiley faces in their folders each day. This year I will have a better system. I am going to have markers to draw small squares in the left hand corner to show where they ended their day. This is going to be much more precise and another way to track their behavior. Here is an example of what I am going to do:


Sheena said...

I think the smaller chart for home is a great idea! I had always done the pocket chart with color cards and am anxious to use the clip chart this year. I am new to 2nd grade - do you find it necessary to record their behavior every day for the parents? I did in K and it took a lot of time. Do you have any other ideas to streamline the process? (Other than your marker squares you are going to be using...)


Sheena said...

I love the mini take home chart.

Katie said...

Thanks for mentioning me! And thanks again for sharing the Clip Chart. My school is so excited to use it this year.

Mrs. Morris said...

@Sheena: It is probably not necessary to write in the folders daily. I am the only 2nd grade teacher at my school that does this. I just feel like it helped with the behavior in my room. They still like seeing what I put in their folders and it worked for me. Good luck this year!

@Katie: I think you guys are going to love the clip chart! I can't wait to see what you post about it as the year progresses.

Courtney said...

Thanks for sharing your ideas! I'm using the clip chart for the first time this year and this really helps.

Swimming into Second

Sally said...

I love the idea of recording in the calendar each day. I think it would help the students become more aware of their behavior because they know each day will be shared at home. It the copy available on your blog to copy and make changes to? I start my school year a couple weeks earlier and would love to make changes to your calendar. Thanks for sharing!
Happy Teaching! :)
My email address is

Erika said...

I started using the clip chart last year and had the kids fill in a calendar each day. The calendar went home on Fridays for parents to look over, sign, and comment one. It took very little time at the end of the day once the routine was established and parents appreciated the information. I also liked being able to look back from month to month and comment on the positives, etc. Check out my version at

William Smith said...

Something I did in my class is have all the students come to my desk at the end of the day if they moved their color. We could then have a quick conference to discuss what caused the problem and what needs to improve before the next day. One of the student jobs was to go around and stamp everyone elses agenda with a positive stamp if they didn't change their color.

William Smith

aGm said...

I do the clip chart as well and I love the idea of the mini chart and doing the nightly calendar. Do you have the calendar somewhere to download or anything that could help me?? As well as the mini charts?/ Thanks so much!

teacherking55 said...

I LOVE this idea!!! I love having the kids color... it really does help them "make it their own". I really like the idea of the markers too. That makes it super easy for the teacher!! Thank you! Thank you! I am new to second and new to the clip chart and I really appreciate it. You are very helpful! :)

Anonymous said...

Do you use both of these systems, the mini clip chart and the calendar. Do children take home both things daily?

Mrs. Morris said...

@Annonymous: The mini clip charts are just for the first day. Something to help me explain the system to the kids. The calendar stays in their take home folder for an entire six weeks. That is where I record their behavior.

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