Friday, July 15, 2011

Crayola Box - (Can I say addicted to Pinterest? Yes!)

This was such an easy project! I love it. There is something about a new box of crayons. They are all sharp and perfect.

Crayon Poem
by: Helen H. Moore

I had a box of crayons,
All shiny, straight and new,
I lent a friend a crayon,
And-oops- it broke in two!
My friend said she was sorry,
But I said, "I don't care,
'cause now we both can color
with one crayon- we can share!"

This is going to be our crayon scrap box. Instead of throwing away crayons that are broken, we are going to collect them. I will use them as a gift at Valentine's Day. Here is the idea from Pinterest:

Source: via Rebecca on Pinterest


Adrienne said...

Your crayon box is super cute! I love the paper on the inside.

Cindy said...

Oh so cute! Love the poem and the idea for Valentine's Day. Thanks for posting this!

Stacey said...

too cute!!!!

Mrs. Morris said...

Thanks! It is my fav right now.

Megan Duarte said...

Love it!

amy.lemons said...

Love it!

Hollie said...

OMG!!! I can't wait to do this for the kiddo's!!! Can I say also that I'm addicted to Pinterest!! Thanks for the idea!!

Just4Teachers said...

This is so beautiful... what an crafty idea! Thanks for sharing!

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Jennifer said...

Those crayons are amazing! Is it valentines day yet?

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Anonymous said...

How deep is your crayon tin? Is it for muffins? I found one but think it will be too deep.

Mrs. Morris said...

The crayon tin is shallow. I think it is more for mini muffins or candy molds.

Anonymous said...

How did you attach the heart crayon to the paper? :)

Anonymous said...

What kind of tray are you using? I was wondering if I could use the shaped ice cube trays from IKEA?

Mafalda Oliveira said...


Anonymous said...

Love this idea!!

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