Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Favorite Fonts

I am linking up with Finally in First to share in the font fun.

I am happy to have Pineapple Delight from the download she linked on her blog.

Here are my favorites:


Stacy K. Wolf said...

I downloaded your General Info. packet from Simply 2nd Resources - and I love it!! Can you tell me what font you used on the front cover for the words "email, school phone, contact" etc.?? It is so cute and I would love to use it throughout my classroom resources.

Jenn Bates said...

These are great. Thanks for linking up.
Finally in First

Melinda Weston- ETF said...

Have I told you about the free fonts at www.kevinandamanda.com ?

Mrs. Morris said...

I really like that website!

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