Thursday, July 21, 2011

Foldables in Our Math Journal

Dinah Zike's session on Foldables has really inspired me. I have started to work on an example journal. I want to have the ideas ready. I will be doing a journal with the kids, but I wanted one for me to plan with. I think this is going to be great! I really think it is going to improve our understanding of math.

I am also going to be doing this with our UPSL (problem solving strategy) journals. I will be working on that...

Anyway, here are some pictures of what I have so far. Remember these are not my original ideas, they belong to Dinah Zike and you should really go check out her books and buy a few. You won't regret it! Go to her website to look around.

Now for my pictures:
We will be reinforcing our spiral by adding a personalized cover.
They will decorate a piece of black construction paper and
then I will mod podge it on.
Every journal needs a title page.
We will add to our Table of Content with each
The titles are in the top corners and the page numbers are in the bottom corners.

I LOVE this! A pop up number line that we can write on!!
Plus it leave almost all of the page free for work!

Do you use Foldable? How? What do you think of our journal so far?


Adrienne said...

I think this is fabulous!!! I will definitely be using this! I am also pinning it on my pinterest.

Stacey said...

Very nice. I definitely want to have a math journal this year. I am using math expressions. can you show us some pages that are completed?

Rebecca Rojas said...

These are so great! Thanks for sharing your ideas!


Tara said...

I love Dinah Zike and her foldables! I use them for reading and science too:) I have one of her books and another teacher has one and we trade off. I love the idea of premaking all the foldables and having them in one journal:)

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Fitbecky said...

Wow Thanks so much for sharing! I noticed that she will be in El Paso next weekend. I'm an hour away from there! I'm not sure if I will be able to make the workshop, but I think I will look into getting her Foldables Book. Thanks again!


Mrs. Morris said...

@Adrienne- Thanks! I saw the pin. Awesome.
@Stacy- This is just my planning version. I have not done this with my students yet, so I don't have a completed version. Sorry! I can post some as the year progresses.

christie.harty said...

Love the foldables. I came across your blog and realized that your Donita's daughter. We worked together at Tosch. I just started my own blog. I don't have any followers yet.

Melissa said...

This is amazing!! I am wondering what you are using to adhere the foldables to the notebook- glue stick? I think this is an awesome idea and I might have to get busy folding :). Thanks for sharing!

Denise said...

These are awesome. Thank you for sharing. I'm now getting excited about Math journals...YIKES!

Mrs. Morris said...

@Christie- It's a small world! I love your photography website. You are really good. I might be calling you in the future.
@Melissa- You should use Elmers liquid glue. It sticks better in the long term.

Lindsey said...

Hey! Question...what is UPSL? Another teacher friend and I were trying to crack the code. :)

Mrs. Morris said...

@Lindsey-Understand, Plan, Solve, Look back- It is our problem solving strategy for math word problems.

Leslie said...

I'm having a Linky Party on notebooks and would love it if you would please post this wonderful notebook to it. I love that you did a planning journal to get your ideas rolling... I think I might do that next week! :)

Thanks for the inspiration! I just became a follower :)

Lindsey said...

Thanks a bunch! I'll jot it down! :)

Mrs. Howard said...

I love foldables and interactive notebooks. I used the notebooks for the first time last year with my 7t grade math students and the kids said it was a great help for them. Now we can just glue their foldables in instead of them losing them. I have new foldable ideas after seeing your post. Thanks for sharing!

Caitlin said...

I also use foldables in my math interactive notebooks. I am hoping once I get into my classroom I can take some pictures if what I did last year.


Mrs. Morris said...

@Caitlin- I would love to see pictures of your journals!

AMHolt said...

This looks amazing! I have done interactive notebooks for science and social studies for years but will begin math this year. Can you explain "matchbooks" from the 5th picture, please?
Thanks for the great ideas!!

dumoore said...

I love this! I teach special needs kids, and this would be a fantastic and fun tool for teaching math!

Cindy said...

Hope you post this on Math Monday Blog Hop! I'm looking for math journal ideas and this is fantastic!

Cindy @ love2learn2day

Mrs. Saoud said...

Hi Becca,

Can you email me how you attached the pop-up number line to the journal page? I would like to use this example in a faculty meeting I'm facilitating this Wednesday.

Thanks a bunch!!


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Anonymous said...

Hello - we use maths journals here is Australia too - but quite differently - can you please explain what you do with the folded pages - particularly with the match books and flaps? Do you make one of there per student ahead of time? Im sorry I am not quite sure how it is used by the students. But would love to see more.


Mrs. Morris said...

Kris- We use math journals to keep track of what we are learning. I put together these foldables to increase the space available to us in the journals. We use spirals. The match books are just a fun and interactive way to teach and then later review vocabulary. I like the flaps, because we can use the space underneath. These are a great way to squeeze in as much learning as we can onto 2 pages. I try to only use 2 pages per lesson or topic. Hope that helps!

Anonymous said...

thanks - guess I need to see it first hand. I like the concept though and may experiment this year.
thanks Kris

ojkacademy said...

Hi. I am Homeschool mom of 2 Russian boys. I am very interesting in math notebooks and mini books. I like this idea and we start to make them for Functions in Algebra. Also I think to make one journal for me as teacher where I can put stuff for each lesson: cards with vocabulary, work sheets, games, charts, graphics and blackboard prewriting notes and so on.This journal will be very helpful for organizing myself and for kids to study good.

karen said...

I have done journaling for one year with 5th grade. Instead of using a spiral, I use a composition book. No wires, kids do not tear out the pages, and the covers are more durable? You have great examples!

Becca Morris said...

I will be using composition journals this year. I am hoping to post pictures throughout the year.

Anonymous said...

Do you use the foldables for each lesson or do you make them ahead of time and have kids put them in? I love foldables .. Thanks for idea.

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