Sunday, July 3, 2011

Read Alouds for the Fall Linky Party

Learning with Mrs. Parker is having a linky party! I love reading with and to my students. They really enjoy read alouds, even in 2nd grade. It is great to do in the afternoon when the kids need a brain break.

I have lots of books in my room and I want to read most of the to my class. Here are a few of my favorites.

I do tons of practice with all our routines and procedures in my classroom. We practice lining up, walking in a line, coming in the room and sitting down, raising our hands, moving around the room, working in small groups, etc.

We do a lot of talking about the expectations and I do tons of positive reinforcement. I was lucky enough to stumble upon a series of books that talk about manners. They are wonderful.

I need to find the rest. They are by Carrie Finn. I originally bought them for my Pre-K class, but I like using them with my 2nd graders too. They are very simple but generate quite a bit of discussion.

Another great resource are Mo Willems books. They crack me up!

I saw one of my students reading one this last year and asked to borrow it for a minute.

I was laughing out loud! I shared it with the class and had to stop and laugh in the middle. Elephant and Piggie are hilarious!

I also like to read the Knuffle Bunny series.

The students really have a lot of background knowledge to relate to those books.

I love this book, Yes We Can! because it is really in line with my classroom expectations. Keep working until you can do it. Work with others and ask for help. I love this book.

is an old favorite and I will read it several times during the year.

Most of the kids have read and/or had it read to them before, but always want to hear it again.

If you like to use books in math, then you need to look into books by Stuart J. Murphy.

They are wonderful. He has so many!

I have quite a few and I love them all.

My favorite book I bought last year from our book fair was I Need My Monster.

So cute. A different way to look at it. The illustrations are great.

I also want to read them the first in the Magic Tree House series. These books are perfect for 2nd graders and I have quite a few in my room.

I would like them to have the background of the first book. It doesn't really matter what order you read them in, but it is always good to start at the beginning.


Jill said...

Elephant and Piggie ARE hilarious! Especially considering their reading level. Love Mo Willems! :)

Magnificent Multiagers!

Sarah said...

So all this talk on blogs about Magic Tree House is making me think of doing some read alouds with those books. I teach 1st, and after lunch usually read a chapter in a book. I have never read this series and was looking for something other than the Junie B. books I have. I love Knuffle Bunny and the sequels-very cute book! We saw a play of that book for a field trip! Also, love the Manners books and the "I Need My Monster" book! Thanks!

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S. Parker said...

I will have to look for I Need a Monster.

My kids loved Yes, I Can. I purchased the Cd through Scholastic. It is one of their favorites at listening center.

I haven't read the Magic Tree House books aloud in a few years. It is great for non fiction and I think it does align so well with the new CCS. I may have to start them up again. Do you think kinders could handle it?

Mrs. Morris said...

I think kinders could really enjoy it. It would just take a while to get through. It would be fun to try!

Me said...

I adore I need my Monster!! It is great to use with I Lost My Bear!

Ms.M said...

I ADORE I Need My Monster! It is my new fav.

Ms. M
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Elizabeth said...

I don't have a blog, but I always read, "Officer Buckle and Gloria" on the first day to start a conversation about the importance of staying safe. This is a great kick off to writing our classroom rules.

Mrs. P said...

Great book list!! I am a first year teacher and think I will follow your idea of starting a chapter book read aloud with MTH #1! That is a great way to introduce them to the series and a good way to start chapter books. Would you start reading this on the first day or just sometime at the beginning of the year?

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