Wednesday, July 13, 2011

What I Could Not Teach Without.... Linky Party!

Mrs. Lamb at Views from Room 205 is having a linky party. Jump on over and link up!

Here are the things I couldn't teach without. 

This is what the front of my classroom looked like last year. I LOVE my Promethean board and my Elmo. They make things easy, fun, and engaging. 

Next, I couldn't teach without my U-shaped table. It doesn't matter what kind of U-shape it is, I just have to have one for small group time. I am short and have short arms, so this kind of table really makes things easier for me. The other thing in this picture is my pencil sharpener. I got it for Christmas last year. (I know I am a dork.) It makes the pencils last so much longer! The pencil sharpener that is mounted to the wall just eats them up.

I also couldn't teach without journals. We do a lot of our work in journals. We are going to be doing even more this year. They are compact, easy to manage, and a great way to see progress.

What are the things you couldn't teach without?


Mrs. Lamb said...

haha! My hubby bought me an electric stapler and a friend bought a pencil sharpener for Christmas! sad...

Sarah said...

I have some of the same things! I love my Promethean board and ELMO! :)

Fantastic 1st Grade

LoveLiveLaugh said...

I wish we had Smartboards at our school! Regular old whiteboards here. I love Smartboards, used them during my student teaching and became an expert.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the journals. A little trick I use at the beginning of the year.... I cut the journals in half. You need sharp scissors to get through the wire. Kids only use a little paper at a time and this helps them last longer :)

Mrs. Morris said...

I have heard of that before and it sounds like a great plan. Thanks for sharing!

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