Thursday, August 11, 2011

A few more things

reminder by the door

Beautiful Door

Name buttons



I was so happy to get some of my technology back in my room. It is so much easier to get things done when I have my computer in my room. Hopefully tomorrow I will get my printer. I love the little signs! I found them on Pinterest, resized them, printed on 4x6 index cards and inserted them into IKEA frames.

Nothing wonderful today, I just wanted to post my pictures.  =)


Donut Diva said...

Is that wrapping paper and clear packing tape you used that is polka dot? And also does your principal or janitor mind the tape on the floor? Do they mop over top of it? Does it get really dirty? I love the idea and pinned it but wondering how long it will last.

Teresa said...

Nice work!

What do you use buttons for? I love the quote in the frames! I see a trip to Ikea in my future!

Thanks for sharing!

Amy said...

I love the Ikea frames, hadn't seen them before! I wish we had a store close to us!!

Anonymous said...

Where did you get your mailbox organizer?

Mdteacher818 said...

Looks great! Is the black and white polka dot paper contact paper?? I've been looking everywhere for paper to cover my shelves!

Mrs. Morris said...

@Donut Diva & Mdteacher818: I used wrapping paper to cover the sides (from Walmart) and then added contact paper at the edges to keep it from tearing.

@Teresa: We have a school wide program called R-time. Part of that is greeting people by name, so we make buttons for all the kids that we try to have them wear every day. I am hoping this box will help us keep track of them.

@Annonymous: It is just a regular one you can buy at Mardel or Office Depot. I just added the bright paper inside each slot today. It needed some dressing up.

sydney said...

Okay, I have got to snazzy up my mailboxes like that (what did you use paper and tape? and I guess I have to go to Ikea (is that where the frames are from) so I can be cool like you!
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Mrs. Morris said...

@Sydney: I glued the paper down, then put a strip of contact paper around the edge to make it durable. Have fun!

JennRose said...

Ove all the polkadots and the colourful mailbox shelves.

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Shannon said...

So glad you like the signs! :)

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