Friday, August 26, 2011

It is going to be a great year!!!!

Well, the first week is over and I am very tired! It is so weird to me that things just pick back up and it feels like you never left...

I have a great group of kids this year! I am so excited. =)  I have a great group of boys. It is kind of strange. I really like it though.

We are starting a new reading assessment this year. Actually, we are starting two. We are leaving TPRI and going to ISIP, which is an online assessment. We will see how that turns out. That will be three times a year. We are switching from Rigby to DRA2 for leveling our students in reading. We are going to be getting some good in depth information from this new assessment. I think it will be a great tool.

I was feeling really good after school today and I knew I wanted to start testing my kids with the DRA next week, so I stayed late today. I don't think I will have many days where I stay that late (6:30 yeesh) this year. It was good though. I like quiet time at school. Plus, I am all ready to start assessing on Monday.

I had to choose which levels I needed to use. It is really just a guess from their levels at the end of last year. Then I had to print off the papers that go with each book. I had to take those down to the copier and copy the correct amount for each level. I have a pretty spread out group: Level 8 to Level 38. Fun!

I wanted to be able to share the levels and fluency scores with parents every six weeks like I did last year, so I created this form.
DRA Levels to Send Home Sheet1 We assess at the beginning of the year and at the end of every six weeks. I will use this to show their level and write in their fluency. It will look like a bar graph. It is a great visual for the kids to see their progress.


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