Saturday, August 13, 2011

Random Things in my Room

I spent some time in my room today, shocker I know!  =) My awesome mom came and helped me. She brought lunch and then helped me with a project.

In an effort to save paper I was trying to thing of new ways to use what I already have in the room. We send something to lunch with each kid to work on when they finish eating. The idea is it keeps them occupied when they are done. It is difficult to remember to have things ready for them daily. Last year I would copy things like coloring sheets, word searches, etc. This year I wanted them to bring a journal to write or draw in, but I am doing a lot of journal work in the room, so I don't think there will be an extra for lunch time. So... I decided to cut up all the manila paper I had left over from last year. I bound the pieces and Ta Da! A journal! 

I bought these pencil bags knowing I could find a good use for them and I have! I am going to buy some rings (below) and connect the bag to the journal. That way they have a place to carry some pencils and crayons!


I asked for old shoe boxes at church and I got quite a few. Thank you! My mom helped me cover these five in contact paper. I am going to have these sitting out to collect school supplies at our Open House and the first day of school. I am going to make little signs to let kids know what goes in each box.


My reading block is going to be a little different this year. I am going to split the class into 3 groups.
These labels are just for me. I won't be calling the groups by those names. There will be 3 activities going on during the reading block: Guided Reading, Individual Reading, and Literacy Stations. It is going to be a rotation schedule that looks like this: (20 mins each)

                                              1st 20 min            2nd 20 min          3rd 20 min
Underground: Individual Reading, Literacy Centers, Guided Reading
Dormant: Literacy Centers, Guided Reading, Individual Reading
Developing: Guided Reading, Individual Reading, Literacy Centers

I have labeled some areas in the room for the kids who are doing the individual reading time.


I printed these wonderful posters from

My color ink was going out so the background did not print correctly so I cut them out. I just backed them with scrapbook paper. Fun!

Well, Staff Development starts on Monday. I hope I can get some copies made. Right now I am off to work on lesson plans. Ugh. I have the first day ready...


Sheena said...

I love contact paper! I also use it to cover xerox boxes for storage. They look a lot better covered than just plain ol' boxes on top of my cabinets...

Learning in 2nd Grade

Lory said...

Fabulous ideas.Thanks for sharing!
Lory's Page

Mrs. Lamb said...

cute! I love the reading spot labels

Chrissy said...

New follower! It's neat that your mom helps mom is coming to help me tomorrow and Friday. I don't know what I'd do without her! I love your boxes.

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