Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Thing #14

Here are some great interactive website for you and your students to enjoy.

Blabberize - take any picture, configure the mouth, add sound, and voila! This could be a great preview for a lesson, end of the day reminders, a way to say happy birthday, or just about anything you can image.

JigZone - this could be a brain break, an incentive, or just for fun. It is always a good way to give your brain a workout. I don't think that kids (especially the ones at my school) put together enough puzzles.

Time Glider - This looks like an awesome way to do a report, time line style. I really like this. Click the green arrow at the top to zoom in to see more details. This could be a great group project. It could also be a great way to do a personal timeline.

I really like that Blabberize and TimeGlider have the embed feature. That makes it easy to share with a blog. There are also links available if you want to go that route. I love learning about new tools that will inspire kids to work hard to produce a good product.


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