Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Classroom Photos


I wanted to show you the latest photos from my room. I am feeling so good about things right now. My room is almost ready and our curriculum should be available to use tomorrow. Lesson planning begins soon!

Let's start with my large storage cabinet. I had to reorganize it and get all the subjects together.

How should I decorate this???

Click here to see the inspiring post behind these quotes! I think this is going to be a great way to keep things positive this year.

All my binders. I am ready to stay organized!

This area will probably change a little as we get closer to school.

This is my favorite wall. All ready for anchor charts.


These are my class job mini posters. I will just add student names once they have been hired for the job.

Hallway display for our western theme.


Anonymous said...

Your room looks great! I JUST got into my classroom today and there is NOTHING in it. No desks, furniture, anything. It's a new building and I am starting from scratch. I love how you covered your wall and I have that same border. What did you use for your wall coverings? I've got so much to do before school starts in 3 weeks and you have given me a lot to thing about. Thanks!- Brittney

Tales From a Teacher said...

I love your classroom economy bonus opportunities poster! Did you buy it or make it?


Becca Morris said...

Brittney - Good luck! I used butcher paper from my school to cover the walls. I just cut it and stapled it up!

Amanda - I made it. If you send me an email or leave your email I will give you a copy! I just made it in powerpoint and then used a website to enlarge it. It printed on about 12 pieces of paper and I taped them together.

Miss Willis said...

It looks wonderful :)

Tales From a Teacher said...


My email is amandm@gmail.com. Thanks! It really turned out great!


Becca@Furniture Melbourne said...

I am glad to see your posts show up on your reader. Your ideas have always challenged me to rethink what I do. I think the structure of the classroom has to change for all of us for real transformation to take place.

Sounds like you are having fun starting over at the new school.

Laurynn Michelle said...

cute western theme!! I love the spaces for the anchor charts with the clothes hanger. Very cute. Totally taking that idea :)

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