Monday, July 23, 2012

Inspiring Monday #5 ~ Newsletter and Interesting Article

Hello friends!!!

Our principal requires us to send home a weekly newsletter and since I have a problem, I had to make a cute newsletter for myself last year. I just decided that I was going to tweak it a little to fit my new classroom. I have to make BW copies, so it can't be too fancy. Oh well.

I am a big fan of QR codes. We will be using them for scavenger hunts during the year since we have ipods. Most of our parents have smart phones, so I will have QR codes for different things whenever parents are coming to the room.

I also started using Remind 101 last year. It is a great service that lets you send out text messages through your computer to a group of people. It is great for reminders, because it is a one way conversation. They can't reply. It is just another way to make sure they get the information.

The second thing I wanted to share with you is an article that was written a few years ago. I was led to it through an online class I took this summer. Take a minutes to read and imagine.

I want to work at that school! Doesn't that sound awesome?!


Happy Monday! They will only be happy for a few more weeks.


Pat's Paper Passion said...

I send home papers on Friday with a coversheet, but I like your newsletter idea copies will also be black & white this year (insert sad face). What software did you use for the newsletter?

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Chrissy said...

Is that school real? It sounds too good to be true! I sure would like to where there is that sense of connection to what's going on. Wow!

Becca Morris said...

Pat ~ I just use PowerPoint. You can make shapes to section off the paper and then I just use fun fonts.

Chrissy ~ I don't think it is a real school, but I can wish. :)

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