Friday, July 20, 2012

Read All About It Friday #4

pg. 149
"When all is said and done, a good teacher helps the student to improve the quality of his life. With so many children growing up poor, one of my major goals is to give that child a fighting chance to end the cycle of poverty that paralyzes hopes and dreams. It's not enough to ask kids to pull themselves up by their bootstraps--many of them don't even know what bootstraps are. With our schoolroom economic system, students learn to value and take care of property and to plan ahead and earn the things they want. With luck they'll go on to use these exonomic skills for the rest of their lives."

Here are the components fo the class economic system that Mr. Esquith implements:

  • Apply for class jobs
  • Hired for a particular job that pays a salary
  • Pay rent on their desk that is more than their salary
  • Bonus money for good academics and behaviors
  • Fines for unacceptable behavior
  • Chance to save to buy their desk and then other student's desks
  • Monthly auctions where they can spend their money or choose to save it
I wrote a more about my plans here.

If you are thinking about implementing this in your classroom, you have to go to this website.

Vangaurd Investment Management Firm partnered up with Rafe Esquith to bring wonderful, FREE resources to teachers. They have resouces for all grades K-12.

I am so excited about using this with my students!


Mrs. B Best said...

Thank you for sharing! Very, very useful information. I now plan to incorporate into my own classroom. I am your newest follower! I hope you stop by my site soon.

Anonymous said...

So have you ever used a classroom economy? I've been looking at it all summer but haven't decided if I want to tackle it with everything else! But I want to so badly!! :) Love your blog! I'm your newest follower :)

Becca Morris said...

I haven't used a classroom economy, but I think it will be worth it.

Ms. Layne said...

I noticed that this post was a couple years ago, so I was just wondering if you were able to integrate the Classroom Economy with WBT? I am a first year teacher, who will be teaching 7th grade and really wanted to use this idea. Then I somehow stumbled on WBT and am in LOVE with that concept. I was curious how they would work together. Any updates would be fantastic!

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