Thursday, July 26, 2012

Setting up my new classroom

Big changes for me this year:

  • I am moving from 2nd to 4th.
  • I moved out of my portable and into a classroom in the building with no windows.
  • I have less "junk" in my new room, so I can use the shelves for my things, not the materials that are leftover from old adoptions. (Yay!)
It is difficult to setup a room for a grade I haven't taught. I have been thinking about my classroom setup all summer. I am pretty sure I want the desks in groups. I want to have at least one table for small groups. Everyone needs to be able to see the Promethean board. Where is the best place to put the schedule, class guidelines, turn in boxes, anchor charts? There are too many things to think about.

I was pleasantly surprised to hear that I could get into my room this week! I worked for about 2 hours on Tuesday and about 3 on Wednesday. I have just been going through my stuff, finding places to store it, going through all the 4th grade materials, and doing basic setup of furniture. 

Here is what I have so far...

Day 1
Front of the room as viewed from the door.

Back of the room as viewed from the door.

End of Day 1

I will be adding my benches to the center of the groups. 

Day 2
Things are starting to look better. View from the door.

The only decorating so far. Bunting!!! I have another to string up tomorrow. 
You can see part of my classroom library. Things look so bare right now.

I like my desk area. I just have to figure out the computer situation. Plus I have to make it look pretty.
Day 3

View from the door. That took a while!!!

Small white board at the front of the room.

I haven't put out the chairs because I am not sure I will keep my desks arranged the way they are right now.

I think the yellow board is going to be for reading and writing anchor charts. I am still thinking about it. I am not sure what I will put on the blue board yet. The small black board is actually two filing cabinets put together. I am going to set my turn in boxes on top, plus it is magnetic! Maybe a reminder area?

This will be my CAFE board.

View from the back of the room.

Hallway ~ This is my student showcase. Our theme is western. Just started it today.


Rebecca said...

This is great! How do you secure all your background paper?

Becca Morris said...

I use staples for the top and sides. I am using clear packing tape for the bottom. I am hoping that will help protect it from stray feet!

2nd Grade Teacher and Life Long Learner said...

WONDERFUL PROGRESS!!! I love the bold and striking colors!

Kristen said...

I didn't know you were moving to 4th!! I have to tell you I love those pennants again!!!

Becca Morris said...

Thanks Kristin! I think they make the room very cheerful.

Raye said...

You will enjoy 4th graders! I am jealous of all your bulletin board space!!!

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