Thursday, July 5, 2012

Sharing Thursday #2 ~ Classroom Economy

I am so excited to be working on a discipline system for my new grade level! This past year I used the clip chart with my 2nd graders and it was a wonderful tool.

Here is the ebook that taught me how to use the clip chart. It wasn't my idea, by any means!

I am happy to say that I found some excellent resources for the classroom economy concept! I was lucky enough to hear Rafe Esquith speak at our beginning of the year school district kickoff 2 years ago. He was so inspiring! Watch this video to see what I am going to do this coming year.

I was doing some internet research because I love this concept. I wanted to see what materials were available and what I would need to make.

Beth Newingham, who is a great teacher, blogs for Scholastic and shares her take on the Classroom Economy.

Mrs. Hillman also shares her ideas here.

I hit the jackpot, though, when I found this website:

This is a website that is FREE! An investment management company got together with Mr. Esquith and developed resources that anyone can use. It is amazing! I can't wait! 

Here is my breakdown for my class next year.


I have also come up with a calendar. The website says that payday, fines, bonuses, and the auction can be spread out through the month or all on one day. I decided it would be the last Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday of each month. Here is my calendar: has a step-by-step procedure for preparing the materials, teaching the concepts, and letting the system work itself. I am so glad I found this wonderful resource!!!!

When I am able to get into my room (beginning to middle of August) I will post more about setting this up. Stay tuned!


Amber Leigh said...

This is awesome! So glad you posted this, gives me something to think about thats for sure! Looking forward to how you set it up :)

MrsMc said...

I really like the idea of the clip chart. I've been looking for some new ideas for this school year, and this seems like a very good way to handle discipline.

Buzz! Buzz! Buzz!

Mercedes Hutchens said...

I'm your newest follower. Looks like we have something in common. After years in 2nd grade, I'm moving to 5th. I found your post interesting because I've been wondering what I'm going to do. I used the clip chart in 2nd. Our 5th grade rotates students. I'll have homeroom kids but I'll mainly teach math to all three of our 5th grade classes. Are you going to link the clip chart to the classroom economy?

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Becca Morris said...

@MrsMc ~ The clip chart is great for encouraging good behavior. I really like that one or two bad choices don't have to ruin a kids day. It is also a great way to reward the kids with good behavior.

@Mercedes ~ I am not going to be using the clip chart with my 4th graders. I will be using the economy instead.

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