Thursday, July 19, 2012

Sharing Thursday #4 ~ STAR binder part 1

Part 1

My students will have a 1/2 inch binder that we will call their "STAR" binder. This will be their lifeline to our classroom. It will hold parent-teacher communication, homework, important notes from the school, calendars, and completed work. This post will show you the outside of the binders. Next week I will post about the contents.

I did some research on the internet to see what other teachers were doing for older student's take home folders. I found that a lot of teachers had their students using binders that held lots of things. I compiled all those ideas and decided what would work best for my classroom.

So everything needs to be cute, right? The first thing I did was make covers. Here are the girl covers:
I love them! Here are the files if you want them!

Here is a sneak peak into Part 2.

Contents of the STAR binder:

  • Front pocket: papers that need to be returned
  • Materials bag
  • Notebook paper
  • Sheet protectors for weekly newsletter, spelling list, school schedule, district calendar, and class calendar
  • Folder for take home work
Stay tuned for next week!!!


Teacher-ific said...

Too cute! I have been looking for a name for my binders and I love STAR Binder! Thanks for sharing!

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