Saturday, August 18, 2012

Birthday Bags

Birthdays are a big deal. They should be a big deal. It is a special day and you only get it once a year. As a kid, birthdays were always a big deal. I loved that. I teach at a low income school, so not all of my kids get to have a big deal birthday.
Boy's bags are green.
The past 2 years, I haven't been good about celebrating birthdays. I was just keeping my head above water with everything else, and this just got a little lost. I am going to change that this year.

In the past I have given my students a sticker, sent them to the announcements, had the class sing to them, put a special chair cover on their chair, and given them a small prize. I know that some teachers go all out for student birthdays, but I am not going to go that far.

Here is my new plan:

  1. Add all student birthdays to my lesson plan book so I will be sure to know when they are coming.
  2. Prepare birthday bags for the day of their birthday.
  3. Assign all summer birthdays an "un-birthday" during the school year.
  4. Give them a "bonus" from our class bank. I am thinking $50 extra for their account. (Classroom Economy - I will be doing a comprehensive post on my classroom economy next week)
-birthday pencil
-Lifesaver mint
-post it notes
-Star birthday sticker
-4 fun stickers

Girl's bags are purple.


Raye said...

Oh this is a great idea! I too am horrible about birthdays. I start off well and then other things get in the way and it goes off to the wayside. This is GREAT though and I may just have to steal it!! :)

Lauren said...

Love the birthday bags idea. I just bought some at Target! :)
I'm new to blogging and am glad I found yours! Check mine out :)

2nd Grade Teacher
The Sweetest Thing

Amanda said...

I'm loving the birthday bag idea. I also teach at a low income school and sometimes the kids aren't even excited for their birthday. It's just another sad! I think these bags would really help them feel special.

The Teaching Thief

Meagan England said...

This is so neat. I struggle with birthdays since I teach over 80 students a day! I always have the class sing, but summer birthdays often get left out! I need to do better. Any teachers with ideas for teachers with lots of students; I would love to hear them.


Katrina said...

My recommendation for summer birthdays is to celebrate them on their half birthday. (The date that's exactly 6 months before and after the actual date.) I have a summer birthday so I never got to celebrate my birthday at school until fifth grade when my teacher did the half birthday idea.

Aimee said...

I love this idea! I don't go over the top when it comes to birthdays either. Last year I gave them a crown and a mechanical pencil. I'm wondering if I can't maybe put some of these together in time...I've got all the materials....hmmmm. Great idea!!!

Primarily Speaking

Deb said...

Great idea! Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Love the un-birthday idea. I am a december baby and bated it teachers celebrated everyone elses and forgot mine. Defiently doing that this year. Thanks

Anonymous said...

I teach 3rd and 4th graders and I purchase composition notebooks and cute colored ink pens when they are on sale before school starts...keep them all in a tote in my closet and on the child's birthday, I haul out the tote and they choose the color notebook and pen that they want...I am also a summer birthday (June) and I allow my summer birthday kids to choose a day to celebrate with the class.

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