Sunday, September 2, 2012

WBT Lesson Plans

 Let me begin with a confession. After the first week, I realize I am a coward. This summer I decided to fully integrate WBT into my classroom. I did plenty of research, watched the videos, and read the eBooks. I read many blog posts and blogged about it myself, but I am a coward.

I started the first day off in great WBT fashion. I followed the first hour and first day suggestions. My students know the 5 rules, Class - Yes, and the Scoreboard. Then I lost my nerve. I was unsure and nervous about making all my lessons follow the WBT format. So I just didn't do it. That also led me to drop the Scoreboard.

We had a good first week, but it could have been better. I kicked myself all week, but I just couldn't get the nerve to do it. So here I am, spending time on Saturday night watching the webcast, making notes, and forming some lessons. I didn't bring home my lesson plans, so I can only do a few this weekend.

I know if I can get this going it will change my teaching style completely and help my students retain the knowledge they need to know. I also know that I will have to step out of my comfort zone to do it. Ugh. It's a little scary to me.

My notes from the webcast have given me hope. I always work better after I get things written down.

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The WBT lesson plans always begin with Class - Yes! After I have my student’s attention I will make my point. Then I will use Teach - Ok. My points shouldn't be longer than 2-3 sentences. I need to speak briefly so that I don't lose my kid's focus. Kids get disruptive when they stop processing my words. I am blessed with a great class this year. They are not disruptive, just prone to talking off topic!

Sample lesson:
-Question; Don't waste time with background knowledge.
-Answer with a gesture
-Critical thinking
-Students give their partner examples from their heads.

The annotations to add are scoreboard (S-, S+), mirror words (MW), and hands and eyes (H&E). I need to work on using the scoreboard more often. It feels like a distraction, but I know that it makes all the difference with engagement. One of my goals this week is to integrate the scoreboard effectively!

Coach B made a big point about the (BR) Bridge. Students will turn to their partners and repeat your words over and over again. This is something I need to model and practice with the kids until it is second nature to us. We need to repeat concepts over and over to move them from short-term memory to long-term memory.

The last thing we add to the lesson plan is PPL - Praise, Prompt, Leave. It is the comprehension check. I love that it is a way to assess learning during the lesson. I can evaluate the lesson as I am teaching it!

I have added critical thinking to the end of the lesson on both of my plans. I have made plans for reading and science. I will be teaching these lessons on Tuesday, since we are out of school on Monday for Labor Day. I will write out the rest of the week on Tuesday night when I bring my lesson plans home.

Wish me luck!


Chrissy said...

You're not alone. I've wanted to implement these WBT techniques, and I use "class, class" all the time, but the rest fades away quickly. Thanks for sharing your lesson plans. I'm going to try it again.
First Grade Found Me

Amber Leigh said...

I am right there with you! I am doing a lot of WBT but not ALL WBT. Sometimes my students just get so tired of repeating after me and it feels a little repetitive and I have such a hard time keeping my energy up for so long!

Maybe when I start teaching all content (this week!) and not as much 'fluff' and procedure stuff it will get better. Your lesson plans have helped me visualize how to do mine so thank you!

T is for Teaching

Miss L said...

Keep with it! It is definitely a little intimidating and it can be a lot of work at the start (when you are so used to doing things differently) but we are all behind you on this. If you really want to change how you do things then you will. All good things take time. Do you have a co-teacher or educational assistant in your classroom? If so, you could give them a copy of your plan to help make yourself accountable because they will be expecting you to do them using the WBT format. It might help!

Best wishes,

Miss L (WBT Blog Bug)
Miss L’s Whole Brain Teaching

Becca Morris said...

Thanks ladies! It is a new week...

Kelly said...

You can do it! I have started implementing WBT for the first time this year and I love it! Especially the score board! It really keeps them motivated to do the right things.

Anonymous said...

I teach 6th grade science and my students love it. Like you, I was chicken but I just jumped in. They move from class to class all day and they have asked their other teachers to do it like I do.

Keep trying.

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