Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Writing Wednesday - Heart Maps

I was inspired by this pin:

Source: via Rebecca on Pinterest

I made a large example to get them hooked. 

I am not an artist.
We are just beginning our year, so I wanted to get my students thinking about what they can write about. So many times, I have to give them a prompt, but I do try to let them free write periodically. I wanted them to have something to pull from that was personal. 

I didn't want to give them a template. I wanted it to be unique to each student. I showed them my example and here are some of the results!

Cute, right?

I am going to be amping up my writing with WBT this week, so I will have plenty to share on next week's Writing Wednesday!


Teacher and Life Long Learner said...

LOVE!!! I heart this prewriting activity! Now, I think I might Pin yours! SMILES and stop by anytime!

Lauren said...

This is a really great prewriting activity. Perfect for the beginning of the year!

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