Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Christmas Letters to Soldiers

Well, I am back. I took a break from the blogging world to get a good grasp on the school year and it swept me away! I can't believe it is December. We have a week and a half until Christmas break! Wow. Part of the reason why I took a break, was because I received a message saying I had reached the limit for pictures on my blog. Apparently the pictures are stored in Picasa and you only get a set amount for free. I contacted my school district, but they are unwilling to increase my space. I wish I could just use space from other people in the district who are using it. (sigh) Oh well.

So I am going to try loading my pictures onto Photobucket and then embedding them here. I just can't post without pictures. I am a visual learner! I have a lot of anchor charts and other fun things I want to share. I am looking forward to joining the party again!

Back on topic...

A teacher at my school asked us to create letters to send overseas to soldiers. I wanted to make time in my class for us to do this for a few reasons. One, it is a great way to show a few soldiers some personal appreciation. Two, it shows kids that we should care about our soldiers. Three, it gave my kids some time to just be creative! That tends to get lost in all the other "stuff" of school.

I am really happy with how they turned out! My principal's sister and mother makes a ton of shape books for our campus with leftover construction paper every summer, so I decided to use those instead of the traditional looking card.

I found a poem online titled, "A Salute To Our Soldiers" by Trish Z. I think it was written by a student, but there isn't any other information given. Here is a link.

I had my students copy a line of the poem on every page and then they illustrated each page. Take a look!


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