Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Edmodo = Tons of Educational Fun

This is a great introduction video to Edmodo!
When I first introduced the kids to Edmodo at the beginning of the school year, all they could say was, "It's just like Facebook!" I had to make sure they knew it was called Edmodo, so their parents wouldn't be wondering why we were on Facebook at school.  :)

This was the first assignment we did with Edmodo. Until this point I had just let my kids get on and talk. I wanted to let them have fun with it first.

Then I wanted to have my students learn how to manipulate and create flip charts. So I created one that went over the basics of the toolbar and gave them a chance to practice downloading a document, opening it, manipulating it, and then uploading back to Edmodo. It took a little white, but they got it. It helped that I had a small class that day. 

I knew that I wanted to use technology in my evaluation, so I decided to use Edmodo. 

I created a simple flip chart as a template for my students. We had been learning about solution sentences, so I decided to have my students create story problems for a solution sentence. They had to do 5 in all and then upload their completed flip chart back to Edmodo. Pairs of students worked together and I think they did a great job. My principal enjoyed the lesson and I go high marks! 

Happy, happy, happy!

Here is what we have been doing lately:

FYI That Machu Picchu link is AWESOME!
There are many aspects of Edmodo that I am not utilizing this year. The calendar, apps, networking, and small groups for example. I have plans for fully integrating Edmodo into my class next year if I get 1:1 iPads. If I don't have a 1:1 classroom, I am hoping to do more of a small scale version. I want to invite parents to join the parent version of our class, so that they can view our events calendar and other things I send them.

I know there are many more wonderful things to do on and with Edmodo that I haven't found yet. I am looking forward to learning more!

Do you use Edmodo? What do you think?


Holly Grass said...

My daughter uses Edmodo and LOVES it. Its such a great tool

Jane said...

We use Educreations everyday in Math, but have not recorded videos with sounds - I will have to try that.

We also use Edmodo, which we did more of during the first semester. I need to get back to it before the school year ends.

I would love to have a 1:1 classroom, too! Good luck with that!
Learning in the Little Apple

Leaping into Teaching said...

Oh! I just played around with this a little and LOVE it! It would be great to assign activities during centers. I wouldn't have to put links on my webpage. Plus, it's so much more flexible! Did you get parent permission before using it?


Leaping into Teaching

Becca Morris said...

@ Jane: Thanks!

@Christine: We love Edmodo. At the beginning of the year we send home a paper that gets parent permission for kids to participate in online activities. I had the kids sign a cod of conduct form for Edmodo specifically and sent home a note. I like that it is very private.

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