Sunday, May 12, 2013


So I am happy to announce that Educreations has recently fixed my two complaints! Now I completely love it. I wanted an eraser tool and the ability to rerecord if I made a mistake. It was very frustrating for the students to have to start completely over if they messed up their voice recording.

Now on to an explanation of Educreations.

This is best used as an iPad app. You can also use the website to make videos, but it isn't as easy.

Educreations is the perfect resource for kids to showcase their learning. You have the ability to add photos, text, drawings, annotations, and finally a voice recording. Here are some examples of videos my students have made. (Keep in mind these were made before you could redo the recording. When we made these, you just had one chance to record.)

This one is a review of time. We are going to share some of these with lower grade students.

We watched a video over the history of transportation and the students took notes. We used Britannica Image Quest to find images  (I let them choose their own), and then they added their information and recorded.

We did a little bit of state research and here is one of our products.

This was the first video we made. I had the students take a picture of a simple graphing problem. They were told to make a video of their step-by-step problem solving.

This is a very user friendly, free app. Go download it and have fun!


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