Sunday, May 5, 2013

Evolution of my Classroom Economy

You can read about my initial plans HERE.

We started the year off strong, you know how it is! The kids filled out job applications and were ready to tackle their jobs. I handed out paychecks for jobs well done, assessed fines, took up rent, and held auctions. The kids loved the auctions. Sometimes a dry erase marker would go for $3,000! It was tons of fun.

Then the second semester hit. Why does that have to happen? I stopped putting as much emphasis on fines and bonuses. I noticed that student behavior was taking a turn for the worse. Could those be connected?  :)

So I tried this:
I attached them with velcro to students desks and used a dry erase marker to give bonus money. This didn't work out.  :/
Then I tried to do a modified clip chart. The kids could move up or down depending on their choices. This didn't work either.  :(

So I did some research on the internet. I love finding new websites, and that is exactly what happened. I found a website called If you are using a classroom economy, this is the ultimate tool. Plus it is FREE!

You set up your class and each kid gets a login and password, just like all other sites. Then they have access to an online banking experience. I was really tired of making copies of cash for the students, so this is a perfect solution. I keep the website open on my iPad so I can make deposits and withdrawals during the day.

This is what my banker page looks like. It is set up so that I can make group transactions. That makes it easy to deposit bonus money for multiple kids at a time.

This is working wonderfully right now! We will be having another auction soon. We have Play Day and a field trip to the Dallas Zoo coming up. My students have to pay to participate in both events. Talk about real incentive to earn bonus money and stay away from fines!

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