Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Field Trip to the Dallas Zoo

We had a good time today. It does make me want to take my students to public places more often so I can teach them manners. They need to be more considerate to other people...

I do have to say that my kids were a little old for the zoo, as a field trip. We went because of a grant the third grade did last year. It was a two year thing. Many of the kids had been to the zoo and were not very interested any more. Oh well.

Next year I want to plan our field trip for Nov. or Dec. That way we are not as tired. I want to take them to a place they more than likely haven't been before. I would love to take them to the Frontiers of Flight Museum. It seems really cool. I am planning on visiting this summer to check it out.

It is only $6 for admission and an educational program. There are a few to choose from, click here.

Friday is Play Day, so I will have more pictures to share this weekend.

Happy Wednesday!


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