Sunday, May 26, 2013

I.P.A.D.S. Initiative

So I have been preoccupied lately with our proposal and presentation for a chance at a 1:1 iPad classroom next year. Our school district received some money from the government that was earmarked for technology and they have to spend it before next year.

Our technology department decided to use this money for some 1:1 classrooms. They opened up a proposal process for all elementary and middle schools in our district. We have 32 elementary schools and 8 middle schools, so we knew there would be a lot of competition.

This was a two-part process. First you had to submit a written proposal answering questions they committee supplied to us, if they rated your proposal high enough, they asked you to present your ideas to a panel.

We had two weeks to prepare a proposal. Here is what we created.

I also created a website with more information: iCrave iPads

We turned in our proposal and began the wait. :) God has really been teaching me to wait patiently this past year. We got the exciting email last Monday (May 20) that we were chosen to give a presentation! Our presentation would be in 3 days. We presented at 8:00am on Thursday (May 23) morning.

We began with a video made by another teacher who was presenting with me. Here is part of our presentation that we made on Thursday morning. These slides were in Nearpod. We provided each panel member with an iPad mini from our campus.

The presentation went well. The committee has until the beginning of June to make their selections. We can't wait to hear! If we are chosen, I am planning on sharing my day-to-day success and failures on here. I know that many of us are beginning to make the transition to technology rich classrooms, so I want to share the inner workings of a 1:1 classroom.  :)


Matt Sutton said...

GOOD LUCK! It looks like everyone has put in their fair share of work for this.
I've actually got a couple of logistical questions for you looks like you use Macs in your class, but who will manage apps (and what program will you be using)? I ask because we have a large group of them but need to find an efficient way to handle app besides doing on ipad at a time.

Digital: Divide & Conquer

Linda P said...

I look forward to following your adventure. I have a personal iPad, but have no idea how to utilize it. I would love to use it in my classroom.

FabandFunin4th! said...

Wow, you have gone to a lot of work for these iPads! I hope you get them! Keep us posted!

Becca Morris said...

@Matt: We don't have a great way to manage the apps at this point. Our district has the capability to sync an entire cart, but they aren't ready to hand that over to individual campuses. We will see what happens next year...

Teresa @PhD in Psychology said...

Good luck! Your presentation was wonderful. It was clean, clear, and you gave useful information. I think that the Ipads in classrooms will be a good thing. It gives the kids a more hands on feel and a less school type of feel. They might even feel more in control.

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Erin K said...

I hope everything turns out with your proposal! This year I'll be teaching a 1:1 classroom, so I can't wait to see all of your great ideas!
Thanks for stopping by my blog!
Short and Sassy Teacher

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