Monday, May 20, 2013

myHistro - an interactive timeline

It's Monday! I know that most of us are so close to summer that we can almost taste the lemonade, smell the chlorine, and feel the sunshine, but (at least for me) I am not quite there yet.

Here is my FUN schedule for the next three weeks:
May 20-24
     Monday: Watch for an email to see if we are chosen to make a presentation in the hopes of being chosen for 1:1 iPads for next year.
     Tuesday: Visit from the district photographer, cooking club for students after school, and Family Education Night from 6-7pm.
     Wednesday: STAAR scores are hopefully in and a baby shower after school.
     Thursday: iPad presentation??????
     Friday: iPad presentation???????? Social Studies CBA (curriculum based assessment)

May 27-31
     Monday: Memorial Day Holiday and announcements of our district web awards
     Tuesday: Reading CBA and cooking club after school
     Wednesday: Field trip to the Dallas Zoo
     Thursday: Math CBA and Science CBA
     Friday: Play Day!

June 3-7
     Monday: iPad announcements?????????
     Tuesday: iPad announcements?????????
     Wednesday: early release, organizing room, and sister-in-law's bridal shower
     Thursday: early release, last day of school, organizing like crazy
     Friday: Faculty work day and organizing like crazy

I am sure your schedule looks similar. I am planning on tackling the organization parts a little at a time. Organizing makes me happy, so I will probably get started this week after school. I like doing it that way because if I don't it overwhelms me at the end and I just shove things in weird places and worry about it all summer. Not good.


Now for the real post...

I noticed that my kids were having difficulty remembering the flow of events in our history lessons. They would ask me, "Was that before we were a state or before we were a country?" I could tell that things were fuzzy in their minds, so I began searching the internet for something that would help.

I found myHistro. There are some things I don't like, but overall it is a good resource.

Here is one I have made as a review for my students. I still want to add to it.

Some good features:

You can:

  • add pictures and videos
  • add plenty of text
  • add links to websites
If you have found a better interactive timeline, let me know.


Teacher and Life Long Learner said... hit the jackpot! THANKS FOR SHARING AND STOP BY ANYTIME!

Valeria Marcinkeviciene said...
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Valeria Marcinkeviciene said...

Hello, Becca!

Thank you very much for your feedback and for pretty summary about myHistro! If you have time, could you please describe briefly things, what you did not like in myHistro? If you found bugs or places with poor usability, our myHIstro team can fix them and your experience with myHistro will be better :).

Best wishes,
Valeria Marcinkeviciene
Sales manager and SEO optimizer
Histros LLC (myHistro project)

Unknown said...

I am sure your routine looks identical. I am preparing on dealing with the company areas a little at the same time. Planning creates me satisfied, so I will probably get began this 7 days after university. I like doing it that way because if I don't it overcomes me at the end and I just leave factors in strange locations and bother about it all summer time. Not excellent.

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