Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Next school year... (linky party)

Finding Joy in 6th Grade is hosting a linky party! One of my favorite things about summer is joining in all the fun linky parties.

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Here are a few of my goals for next year:
I want to keep all of my professional development paperwork in an Evernote Notebook. I will scan or take a photo of all those important papers from the office so I can find them when I need to. 

This was my first year in 4th and therefore with the intense writing curriculum. This summer I am going to really plan how I am going to implement a more focused and intentional writing process. We need MUCH more grammar help than I had anticipated. We will be doing a lot of spiral review to keep all those pesky rules fresh in our minds.

I don't like where my desk is placed right now. I feel like it is taking up space close to the Promethean board that should be utilized by students. I know where I want to put my desk and computer, but I don't know if the computer cords are long enough...

After the STAAR test, we began reading the City of Ember as a class. We loved it and I saw major improvement in their fluency. I had big plans to read novels this past year with my class, but... real life hit. Next year I am going to make the time because I think it builds community and really helps with their reading skills. We will still follow the curriculum, but I am going to add in this daily reading.

This is going to be the most difficult goal for me. I am a horrible blogger during the school year. It just falls by the wayside. Here's to keeping up with the blog world!


Teacher and Life Long Learner said...

Wonderful goals!

K. Mo said...

I love the novels goal! I am a second grade teacher and I love reading novels to my kids. I won a mini-grant from my teacher's union so I could buy class-sets for kids to follow along. I found that it (among other things) increases my students listening comprehension and vocabulary. I'm always surprised about the little details they remember months later. We are knee-deep in The Grand Escape right now!
❤ Karen
Flamingo Fabulous in Second Grade

Leaping into Teaching said...

Great goals! I especially love the one about reading chapter books all year! I was hoping to do that this year, but our state standards and assessments have caused us to focus on shorter texts and much more non-fiction. I missed my novels! Thanks for sharing!


Leaping into Teaching

Becca Morris said...

Thanks ladies! Novels are not built into our curriculum until the last six weeks, so I am going to need to be creative, but I think it will be worth it. We will just focus and reading and talking about it. I don't see us doing too many activities with the novels until I am more comfortable with them.

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