Thursday, May 23, 2013

Organize Everything with Evernote

Do you use this resource?

Evernote is a multi-faceted, organizational tool that is free! It is easily accessed from any computer or mobile device. You have plenty of data storage and it is easily customizable.

Watch this quick video for an introduction to Evernote and what it has to offer.

I haven't really used this so far this year. I know that I will be using it next year. I am going to create student portfolios within my Evernote account. I am also going to use it these last few weeks of school to organize my papers. As I come across professional development papers, I am going to collect them and use the camera feature to add it to a notebook. That way I can recycle the papers and have a searchable set of images that I can really use!

I can just imagine how powerful my parent-teacher conferences will be next year with this tool!

This guy has some great ideas to share! It is worth watching the entire video.

As I start to use this more, I know I will have more to share. Please let me know of any ways you use this, personally or professionally.


Ruby said...

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