Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Planbook = Awesome Lesson Planning

Lesson planning...

It's a love/hate relationship isn't it? We all have to do them. Some of us enjoy planning, while others suffer through it and then fly by the seat of their pants. I say, to each his own.

I am a planner. This means that I love doing lesson plans in theory. I usually try to spend more than one day on my plans for the upcoming week. I tend to make flip charts for my Promethean board, find videos, incorporate Edmodo, and think of ways to engage students with interactive journal activities while I am doing my lesson plans. This tends to drag out the process...

I have struggled the past two years on the format of my lesson plans. First I bought the normal lesson plan book from Mardel. I used that for several months. Then I decided to switch to the online lesson plan book on Eduphoria since that is where our curriculum is stored. The format wasn't pretty enough for me, so I starting doing some internet research.

Have you ever heard of Erin Condren? All I can say is, "WOW." I want one of everything. Check our her lesson plan book HERE. It's a little bit of heaven. I just couldn't bring myself to spend that much money on a lesson plan book. Boo.

So I decided I would try to make my own. I was pretty successful...

I do share these, so if you want the file email me at
I used those during the fall of this year. I did like it, but I guess I just don't like writing things anymore. I am a huge fan of technology, so I really wanted an online planbook that I could customize. I was doing some searching over Christmas break and I finally found one!

For 12 dollars a year you get a fully customizable planbook that is available from anywhere! I LOVE it!

My favorite features:
  • Customization: You can add up to 8 sections per day that can be labeled whatever you would like. You can add times and color codes to each.
  • There are many views: week, day, month, class, etc.
  • You can share the link or print your plans.
  • You can attach files, add standards (with just a click of your mouse), bump forward or backward, extend the lesson for more than a day, and cancel a class for a single day.
  • You can add events and no school days.
  • Within each class these are your options: Lesson, Homework, Notes, My List, and Standards.

This is the class editor. Very simple!
I will be using this planner for the rest of my teaching career. I love that I don't have to carry around a planbook anymore. It is available to me on my iPad or phone. They do not have an app, but I think one is in the works.

What do you think? Will you join me on Planbook?


Terri D said...

Planbook looks incredibly helpful and I can see how having it available anywhere would be very convenient. However, $1200 a year is a bit steep for me right now as I'm a new teacher. I will keep it and look into it in a couple of years maybe. Thanks for the info!

Becca Morris said...

I am sorry about the font... It is only twelve dollars a year. I wouldn't be using it if it was $1,200! :)

kss425 said...

I"m going to start using it next year. I also found it around Christmas and did the trial so I know I like it. Since I started with my "regular" plan book, I thought I'd finish the year with it.

Heather said...

I too love planbook! I happened across it last year and haven't looked back since. I was also one of those people who got very frustrated when the writing wasn't nice and neat, and it drove me insane when I had to adjust or cross out and change things in my plan book. Now I can just adjust it and reprint it if need be. I love worth the $12! =)

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