Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Remind 101

I could have sworn I posted about Remind 101. I searched, but I guess I didn't...


Anyway, I want to share this amazing resource with all of you.

I know that some teachers give our their cell numbers to parents, but I am not one of those teachers. I just don't feel comfortable. The downside of that is I can't text parents. So many people respond to texting quicker and more often than phone calls. I'm not talking about sending tons on random texts to parents, either.

I wanted a way to send out reminders in a way that I know parents will receive them. I get the feeling that many of my notes home do not make it into their hands. :) You know how it is. So here is the solution!

Remind101 from remind101 on Vimeo.

I really like using this, but there are a few downsides:

  • You have to keep it short.
  • You don't have the ability to send individual texts, what you send goes to everyone.
I do like that it is one-way communication. This is exclusively for reminders. I have used it for:

  • parent conferences
  • field trips
  • testing days
  • early release
  • holidays
  • homework reminders
  • tutoring
  • STAAR camp reminders
  • clubs
All in all, it is a great resource for every teacher.


Mechele said...

Thanks for sharing this resource! I am going to check it out. This is something I could use next year.

Christine said...

Hi Becca! I'm Christine from Remind101. Thank you so much for this fantastic post! We're blushing! So glad you found us.

Definitely hear you on the 140 character limit, unfortunately cell phone carriers regulate that length so we're not able to increase it :(

As for sending individual texts, we don't allow for individual messaging at this time for safety reasons, to avoid instances of bullying, favoritism or inappropriate conversation.

But we are always talking about it as we know that it would benefit many teachers that would use it properly. If you have ideas/thoughts reach out!

Or - If you think of anything else you'd like to see from us definitely reach out!!

Always looking for ways to improve!

Thanks again so so much! This is fantastic.

Becca Morris said...

@Christine: Oh wow, I can't believe you commented on my blog! Wow! I love your service. Thanks for your explanations!

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