Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Classroom Management Linky Party

Leigh at The Applicious Teacher is hosting a linky party all about classroom management. Go link up! We all can benefit from new ideas!

This past year I started a classroom economy and I can not tell you how great it worked! The kids really responded to it and it guided our behavior all year. I made several tweaks throughout, so let me tell you what I learned.

  1. Money motivates kids.
  2. I spent too much money on items for auction days.
  3. Auctions were exciting and a great way to instill money management.
  4. I didn't do auctions often enough.
  5. Managing the money was the hardest part.
  6. Having the kids pay rent is crucial. I am thinking of adding something to that.
I modeled my classroom economy after Rafe Esquith's classroom economy that you can read about in his book There Are No Shortcuts. Vanguard, a leading investment management company, teamed up with Mr. Esquith to provide free resources to teachers grades K-12. Visit their website: They have money to print, guidelines for setting things up, employment applications, and much more!

How I will set up my classroom economy this year:
  1. Print money to have on hand and set up my class on
  2. Prepare a list of job descriptions and copy employment applications
  3. Introduce our classroom economy on the first day of school - students must fill out applications for the job they want
  4. Copy and pass out a list of bonuses and fines
  5. Decide if I want to give out checks every other week or if I want to do it electronically through My Kids Bank
  6. Tell kids they will be paying rent every other week when they get paid.                                 Desk = $400 Chair = $300 iPad = $1,000
  7. Begin the year by being generous with bonus money to encourage good behavior
These are my classroom jobs. I want to have 3 bankers, 3 clerks, 2 custodians, etc. Last year I started strong with jobs and then I found myself not putting as much emphasis on them. That was a mistake. The jobs really make a difference!

I have found that keeping track of things electronically works best for me. I tried multiple ways of keeping track of fines and bonus without having to handle money all day, but nothing really worked. My Kids Bank is a great FREE resource! The kids can make deposits and withdrawals, so they are still learning that part. I can keep it open on my iPad and assign bonus money or fines as needed throughout the day.

Click HERE for some resources. You will get an employment application, blank checks, and my list of bonus money opportunities and fines. This is the pdf file. Email me if you would like the editable version.

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Amanda said...

Okay, I love this! The questions is... will I keep up with it? I always have such a hard time following through because it feels like something always gets in the way. But, I think this would seriously help. I love the bonus money and the fines. Sometimes that conversation about being nice just doesn't do the trick. Perhaps a fine for being rude would speak to some kids. I ready and willing to try anything. Okay, so here is my question - how do you keep up with it all? Help!!

The Teaching Thief

Cherryl Santos said...

Hi! I love this!!! What an awesome idea! Will it be okay if u can email me the editable one? Thank you so much!

Curious Catherine said...

I just found you tonight and think I've ready a couple dozen posts! I have tons of questions - like how did you figure the cost of everything? Could you email me the editable versions? I LOVE YOU! Thanks for letting us know your struggles - I've always struggled with classroom economies because of tracking money (it's time consuming!) but you've given me a great direction to go with this. Thank you and I really look forward to using this next school year.

Curious Catherine said...

Yikes - forgot my email:

Malena said...

I love this and I am thinking about starting this type of system in my classroom...or bring it in mid year when I need a change. I would love the editable version if you don't mind...thank you so much!!

Kristen Johnson said...

Love this! Can you send me an editable version please?
Thank you so much!

Kierstin Walker said...

I really like this system. I have tried dojo money in the past but it seemed to fall through. I would love to give your system a try. Can you please email me the editable version? My email is

Shannon said...

This sounds like an awesome system to use! I love it and thank you for sharing it! I would love the editable version, please!
Thanks again!

Erica Harrod said...

Do you think this would work for high school students? I would love the editable version as well. Thanks for sharing!

Erica Harrod said...

Do you think this would work for high school students? I would love the editable version as well. Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

I would LOVE to have the editable version! The culture at my school has changed tremendously, and this seems like a great way to get the students motivated to demonstrate positive behaviors. Thank you for sharing a great classroom resource. Please email me at

Unknown said...

Hi, I have seen this done in a couple other classrooms and i think this is a fabulous idea. Do you mind sending me the editable version as well.. My e mail is Thanks

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