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Daily 5 - Doing it next year!!!!

This book has really got me excited about teaching reading next year. I have been doing quite a bit of reflecting about this past year teaching 4th grade. I was really happy with how I taught math, but not so happy with reading and writing. I had 78% passing in both on our state test, the STAAR test. I know I can teach better so that all my students can be successful.

So I decided I needed to do guided reading groups. I am familiar with guided reading because I taught two years of 2nd grade. I moved to 4th last year and most 4th grade classes do not use guided reading, so I didn't either. I was really just going with the flow and keeping my head above water. That did not equal the best teaching practice... :(

I did my best to integrate technology and make things interesting, but I found myself doing way too many reading passages. I know that students in my Title 1 school need lots of repetition, but I think they need authentic reading experiences more. Now that I have a year under my belt, I feel ready and able to make some changes.

So I decided to look around the internet and see what other 4th grade teachers are doing for guided reading. I read some great blogs and saw some great pins, but then I remembered the difficult part of guided reading. What should I have the other kids doing? That is the big question, right?

I had heard about the Daily 5, but I hadn't read it yet. Last summer I read the Cafe book and really liked it. I didn't implement any of it though.  :(

Ok. So. This is a work in progress. I am going to be figuring out how to make this work for me all summer, and I won't be able to solidify anything until I know our school schedule. I am not going to let that keep me from planning, though! (You know me... Plan! Plan! Plan!)

I do know that I will be tweaking the Daily 5 to the Daily 4. I will choose for them for several weeks, but I do want them to ultimately choose their Daily 4 just like the sisters advocate in their book.

You can see some of my ideas for our Daily 4. We will be using our iPads! Students have access to Play-a-way devices from the library, so I am going to check those out for our listen to reading. My 4th graders really need to work on fluency, so I don't want to leave that component out. I have a large personal library that they will choose books from weekly. When I was teaching 2nd grade, I had a schedule for kids to choose books and it worked wonderfully. I am going to get that going again. (I will post about that later.) We also check out books from our school library once a week, so they will have those 4-5 books as well. On top of those resources, they will be able to download digital books and audio books from our district's digital library. They are going to have access to all kinds of reading resources!!!
Choosing a good fit book strategy from The Daily 5

I am going to do my best to keep things simple. I struggled this past year with setting up guided reading because I wanted to control where and what the kids were doing the entire time. That hurdle kept me from doing it. I want to teach my kids independence! That is such a big component of the Daily 5. Did I mention that I read the book in a matter of hours? I was engrossed! Such simple concepts that have an enormous impact. Love it.

Our 4th grade team has a Title 1 teacher, the fabulous Linda, who comes around and helps us every day. I am going to set things up so we can both be working with small groups or individual kids during my Daily 4. I know that the group we are getting next year has quite a few struggling readers, so I want to jump on that right away and give them all the personalized help and encouragement they need.

I have so many ideas!!! I will be posting all summer and laying out all my ideas and plans. Sorry if this is kind of jumpy. Things are coming together in my mind, but there are still gaps in my plan. I am also working on a list of books that we will be reading as a class. I am pretty sure we are going to start with The One and Only Ivan. It is an easy, short chapter book with a great message. I think it will be a great way to ease them into reading chapter books. Really reading chapter books, not just flipping through and reading a few pages.

This post makes me happy, because it means that my reading instruction is changing for the better!

Do you use the Daily 5? How? What would you recommend?


Erin said...

I use Daily 5 with my 3rd grade class and love it! I have Daily 5 . . . Read to Self, Read to Someone, Word Work, Work on Writing, and Meet with the Teacher. I would love to add Listen to Reading, but don't have the materials (maybe I can accomplish that this summer). I require that my kids Read to Self every day. I want to add more to it though for accountability ...maybe journaling. I've used D5 for quite a few years now, but want to do some tweaking over the summer as well. With the adoption of the Treasures reading curriculum last year, our reading has changed a bit. I look forward to hearing about your venture with D5!

Allyson said...

I started using Daily 5 this past school year and it did wonders with helping me and my students use our literacy block. I tried multiple ways of laying out our D5 block, but our last format worked best. My kids did 2 rotations each day and their choices included: Read to Self, Word Work, Work on Writing, Listen to Reading, or Work with Teacher. I had it scheduled for my kids because I didn't feel they could handle choosing their own rotations without arguments and hurt feelings. I tweaked things off and on all year to find what works best for my classroom.
Currently looking on how to plan for this year since we will be using Letterland for our phonics program, so I have to figure that in to our schedule and how to make it work with D5.
I would like to hear how you had your kids scheduled for picking our their books? Did each group pick their books on different days? This past year, all my kids picked new books as their morning work on Tuesdays and it was chaotic having all of them picking books at the same time. Looking forward to hearing about how you are planning things for this year!

Angela Nerby said...

I've used Daily 5 for the past 5ish years, and every year I always change something! The accountability factor is HUGE! It's very easy for kids to "look" like they're reading to self. This year I had everyone Read to Self at the same time and then I took my low kids for reading groups at that time (they were so low that they wouldn't be reading during Read to Self anyway...). Then we did a 5-7 minute responding time, where they would write about what they read in their notebooks or complete a graphic organizer. Students were assigned a day of the week to turn in their notebooks, so I could still check up on them without me feeling overwhelmed. Then we had two free-choice rotations... just make sure the students have some kind of organizer to keep track of their choices... so they don't end up Reading with Someone or doing Word Work every day!
I think the most important thing is to figure out what works for YOU. I tried to do it just like the Sisters, but it was a big time fail. You know your teaching style and what works best for your situation.
Good luck!
Angela :)
Hippo Hooray for Second Grade!

Teacher and Life Long Learner said...

Congrats on your goals! YOU WILL SUCCEED!!

Laura said...

I just started the Daily 5 this term (Term 2, Australia) for my Grade 4 and 5's. We started out very slowly, lots of modelling and reflecting. We've had a rocky term with tons of interruptions (2 weeks of in school swimming lessons takes a huge chunk of time, plus upsetting routines). I started with 2 activities, rotated them ever 10-15 minutes to get use to it. No stamina building needed for these kiddos, they are use to 'silent reading' for many years and are actually very keen read to selfers!

Accountability is my big one, while I don't have issues with kids not doing their tasks (mostly), it's the noise level we are working on (if you are whispering - read to someone - then you can't feel the vibrations on your throat). I've only allowed 10 students total to 'read to someone' to avoid lots and lots of whispering in the room - this works well. My accountability comes with making sure you choose more than one activity - when we switch, and making sure you do each activity at least once a week (our upset schedule didn't help). I've set up a weekly tracker to start this week to see where they are going when, we'll see how this goes!

Just started listen to reading today - I have an ipod I want to download books onto, but didn't want to spend the money until I knew it was going to work with the kids, so for now,it's the library CD with book kit. I've also scheduled groups for Listen to Reading so the area with only 5 slots isn't overwhelmed and there isn't fighting over it - everything else is choice based, which is pretty important for my middle primary kiddos.

Can't wait to read your posts on how your class goes in Aug/Sept! I love seeing different ways of use for the Daily 5!

Darnee L.W. said...

I used to use Daily 5, then I was asked to do a Balanced Literacy Cadre in my district this past year. While Daily 5 lends itself to Balanced Literacy, it was highly suggested we use the curriculum lesson plans which didn't leave time to incorporate the management portion of Daily 5 that helped with my classes so much the previous years. I know better now ;) Good Luck with Daily 5, can't wit to hear how it goes!

Kayla said...

I would love to do the Daily 5 and actually tried it last year, but did not do it completely. I am going to be team teaching next year, and I don't think I will have enough hours in the day to complete it!

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