Saturday, June 22, 2013

Desk Citations

I am working through my summer to do list...

I want to integrate our classroom economy into everything we do, including keeping our classroom neat and clean. It is my responsibility to teach my students how to keep a clean and organized work space. This might not be something that sticks with each kid, but they need to be able to do it when they have shared work space.

So I decided to make desk citations. I am going to conduct random checks every week.


  1. I will instruct everyone to stand up and walk to one of the wall of the classroom. That way they are out of the way and they don't get a chance to quickly organize.
  2. My custodians (student job) will grab the desk citations and a pencil, walk around their portion of the classroom, and inspect the desks.
  3. They will leave a citation on any desk that has an infraction.
  4. Kids will have until the end of the day to correct it.
  5. The custodians will double check the desk and then give me the citation to make the withdrawals from student accounts.
  6. If students do not correct the infraction the same day, I will double their citation.

Get your free download HERE.

I also wanted to make something for students to strive towards. It is good to have those positive rewards! 

So I made a Fabulously Organized Desk bonus card. If a custodian notices a particularly neat and tidy desk, they can leave one of these on the desk as a reward.

Get your free download HERE.

What do you think? Can you use these in your classroom?


Karen Rowland said...

Oh my goodness! That's stinkin' hilarious! I love it! Thanks for sharing!
Karen Rowland
Adventures With Firsties

Amanda said...

Awesome! I've downloaded both. Thanks again for sharing!

The Teaching Thief

Darnee L.W. said...

These are adorable!!

Linda P said...

Much better than the desk fairy! Love the two forms and the chance for redemption. THANK YOU!

Lisa said...

Awesome!!! I sooooo needed these last year! I had the messiest group ever! Thanks for sharing!

Live Laugh and Love to Learn

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