Saturday, June 8, 2013

Ending the School Year

Well, our school year is over. It has been a good one. I am very excited about next year, but before I begin posting about that, I want to wrap up my year.

I spent a lot of time at the beginning of the year decorating my room. Here is what I ended up with:

We worked so hard this year and my kids did pretty good on our state tests. I am very proud of our 94% passing for the Math STAAR test! I need to do a better job with reading and writing, but I will share those plans later.

We had our class party during the last week of school and my mom made these great goodie cans for my students.

I really enjoyed how my school district planned the last week of school. We had two early release days (Wed. and Thurs.). Those days really made such a huge difference when it came to packing and organizing my room for the summer. I didn't feel rushed this year. :) It also helped that I didn't have to move rooms.

Here is how I left my classroom:

Our floors get stripped and waxed over the summer, so we have to pack things up and get them easily moveable for the summer. That means emptying bookshelves and getting things off the floor.

I had time to make a few changes before I left. On the back wall I extended the Science anchor chart section. I will be moving the bookshelf to another wall next year, so I will extend the blue paper and make room for two Social Studies anchor charts beside the Science ones. On the right wall I have also extended those anchor chart sections. There will be room for two reading, two writing, and two math charts to be up all the time. I need to buy some more ribbon to outline them. Decorating the classroom is the best part of starting the new year!  :)

I am going to enjoy my summer. I have a lot to share! I am hoping to make quite a few activities...

We shall see.


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