Sunday, June 23, 2013

FREE Place Value QR Code Activities

Good morning ladies and gentlemen!

I have more goodies to share with you today. I am slowly working my way through our 1st six weeks math curriculum making QR code activities. I want these to be review activities before we take our mini-assessments.

Click HERE to download your copy!
This includes standard form, expanded notation, and word forms of numbers. It has kids practice making the three largest numbers possible when given 4 digits. It also asks the value of a single digit in a large number.

Click HERE to download your copy!
This packet includes ordering numbers from greatest to least and least to greatest. Students will practice finding inequalities and word problems.

These are FREE resources because I believe in sharing among teachers! 
Please leave me a comment if you download the activities. I would like to know if you like them or not.


Suzy Q said...

My students LOVE QR activities and I am crossing my fingers we have iPads in the fall. (We had a 'trial run' for the last month of school...)

While these are a bit challenging for most of my second graders, I think some would do great! Thanks for sharing!

Paige said...

Thank you for sharing! You are too generous! I love these resources!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much! I am downloading these in hopes of incorporating QR codes next year! Thank you for sharing your hard work!

Michelle Edwards said...

Thank you for sharing. I'm not sure how to incorporate the QR codes, but I know I will be able to use the q/a. Thanks again!

Markisha said...

Thanks so much. These look great. I hope to be able to use these next year.

Anonymous said...

First off, I agree whole-heartedly with your "non-rant/vent" above. I'm sorry you're not feeling supported by your district. You're clearly doing great things with your students! The QR activities look great. Thank you for sharing them! One question: Common Core only requires 4th graders to work with numbers up to the millions place. Why do you include numbers in the ten- and hundred-millions?

Becca Morris said...

I live in Texas and we don't use the Common Core. :) Our standards have us teach up to 999,999,999.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much!! I am so excited to have my students using QR activities this year. I learned about using these in the classroom this summer and it is awesome to get activities already made using them. :) P.S. I am in Texas too so the larger numbers are great. Now we need one to go up to the hundred billions for next year's new TEKS. :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing! As a new teacher finding teasures like your blog is always exciting. :)

Susan said...

Thank you for sharing these resources! QR codes in the classroom rock!

developmental101 said...

Great, thank you - you did a lot of work! I have both 2nd and 3rd graders and will pair them up for these number practices. :)

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